Weekly Flash Prompt & News – January 2, 2012

1 story per week, 52 stories for the
year. Read below for details…

Flash 52: Week 1 Prompt:
man in his early thirties sits at a folding table in the middle of a
vast parking lot. On the table, he has an electric kettle, a medium
sized teapot and several tiny teacups. A group of five women are


Happy New Year! I’m off work today,
and I’m grateful for the extra time to get things in order for the
resolutions I’ve made. I listed them yesterday if you want a peek,
but I’m making some fairly substantial changes, especially with
regards to business and marketing, but also in regards to my writing
schedule and personal life. Many of those changes hinge on changes to
my after-work routines, so I’m using this long weekend to rework my
daily and weekly lists to incorporate the changes I want to make.

There will be a few changes to the
blog, but minimal. I’m not going to post my goals for the week any
longer, mainly because I don’t feel like it’s really useful for
anyone aside from myself (interesting to few, perhaps, but that’s
about it). I work more off of a daily list now anyway, so the weekly
list kind of depends on my daily schedule. Mondays will be a brief
(aside from this one) note about what’s going on with regards to my
writing that week, and the weekly flash fiction prompt I’m working

One of my resolutions is to write 1
flash fiction piece each week next year – that’s 52 stories of
1000 words or less. In order to make it slightly easier on myself, I
wrote out 52 prompts, one to use each week. Every Monday, I’ll post
the prompt I’m working from that week. Anyone is welcome to join me
in the challenge, and I’ll be making all the prompts available in
an ebook that will be available in the BSB store and other online
retailers within the next couple of weeks. I’ll post my stories
here on Sundays – and if you write/post yours somewhere, leave a
comment with the link on my Sunday post, so people can read yours as
well. It will be a lot of fun, I think, and a good way to practice
the craft and different techniques. Something for readers every
Sunday too, a complete story, rather than the serial stories for
those who prefer that. The flash pieces will eventually be bundled
into collections when I have enough that seem to go together, and put
up for sale.

Wednesday will become “Writer’s
Notes” rather than “Writing Notes” and will be a post about
whatever I feel like blathering on about that day – but it may not
be every week, and I’m not going to necessarily lock it into my
schedule. If I get to it, I’ll post, if not, oh well. Tues/Thursday
are still open for guests/interviews, and Friday remains the serial
story. So small changes, is all.

I think that’s it for today. I hope
you all had a very happy/safe start to the new year!

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