Weekly News, Archive & Goals 8/22/11

I have a love/hate relationship with air conditioning. We normally keep our household temp a steady 72 degrees or so year-round, but where 72 is comfortable with the heat on, 72 with the A/C is just too cold for  me (comfy for hubby). Needless to say, I’ve been freezing this summer so hubby doesn’t burn up at night, and I’m ready to turn the heat back on. So I’m not too sad that fall seems to be floating down like so many leaves. Bring on the cooler weather, I say. *ducks*

I’ve been doing a read-through of The Wise Critique to prepare for revisions, and in the beginning (a few days ago), I thought it would be a piece of cake. Now that I’m into it, there’s a lot that needs to be scrapped and completely rewritten, just because it doesn’t work. So it’s looking like September was a bit optimistic for a release – my original plan was to have it out by November, but I’d like to have it done before then, so we’ll say sometime in October instead. With any luck, the rewrite will go quicker than I think and I’ll have it out earlier…but no promises.

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If you missed a post last week and want to catch up, here’s the link list. Note that this includes *all* of my posts, including for my pen name genres and non-writing blogs, so click at your own risk.

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Health & Personal Wellness

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Goal Reports

Last week I had a bunch of plans…and several evenings out. Evenings out are not really all that conducive to actually completing goals. So I kept up with the writing, made my dentist very happy with job security, hit the county fair, went to a book launch, made a trip to Costco, and ran around nearly every night last week. Since evenings are “writing work times”…a lot went undone.

So…moving along…

Goals for the Week


– 5 serial chapters

– Get busy on the rewrite for TWC, at least one chapter done

– Email a friend story suggestions I was supposed to send weeks ago (oops!)


– Send TBW out for reviews (no really!)

– Get in touch w/graphic artist for Fantasy Ranch map, plus other projects

– Catch up bookkeeping

– Make final decision on potential anthology project


– 3 workouts

– Have someone come out to measure for new carpet (yay!)

– Schedule treadmill repair for the week I’ll be home on vacation next month

– Come up with solid design for Halloween party invitations (getting to be party-planning time…)

That’s my week…what are you up to?

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