Weekly News, Archive & Goals 9/12/11

To Carol, Anne & Ardee-ann who stopped by to commiserate with me after my root canal last week – thank you. I meant to get back and respond, but never quite made it. I’m really happy to know I’m in such good company regarding the Coke vs. Pepsi thing though! LOL And I did indeed have more cheesecake…

If you’ve managed to miss the news that I’m on vacation from the day job this week, then you’ve been hiding under a decent sized rock. Or you’re not attached to me in some way on other social networks. Which is perfectly fine, I suppose…though we’re both probably missing out in that case.

Needless to say, I will be posting all my regular blog posts (including the ones I’ve been missing for the last couple of weeks), but posting times may be sporadic since I’m juggling a whole bunch of abnormal things at the same time for the household, my publishing biz, and I’ve got a novel I want to finish revisions on. Heck, I think I may even finish a couple short stories this week.

Not that I expect anyone’s hanging out at 6am (my time) waiting for my blog posts, but if you don’t see ‘em at the normal times, be patient. They’ll turn up.

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If you missed a post last week and want to catch up, here’s the link list. Note that this includes *all* of my posts, including for my pen name genres and non-writing blogs, so click at your own risk.

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(No posts here last week due to root canal…check back this week!)


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Goal Reports

Last week was kind of a bust – I didn’t even get all of my serial chapters done (and I always feel horrible about that). I didn’t start my Rattles story either, though I have the idea in my head, so I’m looking forward to writing that this week. Check out my call for submissions, & join in!

I did manage to complete our closet clean-out project, and I worked out three times as well – which I’ve been struggling with, so that was huge. Between work and that stupid root canal and being in and out of the office for a short week…it was just a hard one to stay on track with. This week is already a vast improvement, though it’s going to be a busy one.

Goals for the Week


  • 5 serial chapters

  • Finish revisions on The Wise Critique

  • Write flash story for the Rattles anthology

  • If there’s any time left, get ahead on serial stories


  • Catch up record keeping (finally)

  • Start promo on An Elemental Wind by Carol R. Ward (new release later this month!)

  • Submit books for review

  • Catch up/stay caught up on email


  • Get someone out to look at our “stuck on inclined” treadmill

  • Get an estimate for replacing our back fence

  • Design Halloween party invitations

  • Clean out and donate empty aquariums (used to be reptile homes)

  • Move goldfish and donate/sell larger aquarium

  • Get all laundry caught up

  • Read

  • Update my Goodreads account

It’s gonna be a good week. I hope your week is off to a great start!

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2 comments on “Weekly News, Archive & Goals 9/12/11

  1. Ardee-ann Eichelmann

    Hope you have a great week off! Enjoy working on your projects and keeping up with your routines. Congrats on getting three workouts in last week. That is awesome. Hope you can get the treadmill fixed.

    Have a great Monday,


  2. Brooklyn Ann

    Yeah…I’ve kinda been under a rock. Lots of home-drama lately. Sorry about the root canal but yay for cheesecake!