Weekly News, Archive & Goals 9/19/11

As you’re reading this (I wrote it
Sun. night), I’m back at the day job, probably trying to wade
through a million emails and put out the small fires burning because
I was on “vacation” (see yesterday’s post) last week. Obviously
I don’t have a lottery win or runaway book sales to report…

In any case, back to normal around here
this week. I’m sorry to see my afternoon writing sessions go, but
happy that my normal routines will be back, because I really just
can’t seem to function at all without them. Gift or curse, take
your pick.

Have you heard? Brazen Snake Books is
publishing An Elemental Wind by Carol R. Ward on Sept. 30th!
I’m so excited about this, and I know Carol is too. Click on the
title, go check out the blurb! It’s a romantic fantasy/space opera
story that is just fabulous…

This Week on The Variety Pages

Monday: Weekly News, Goals, &
Archives 9/19/11

Writing Notes – Details, details.
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Tuesday: Tea post
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Planning to Fail at Routinely

If you missed a post last week and want
to catch up, here’s the link list. Note that this includes *all* of
my posts, including for my pen name genres and non-writing blogs, so
click at your own risk.

Posts for September 5 – September

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Code Name: Succulent – On Vacations (The Variety
Cracklin’ Gemma (Nail Art Tuesday)
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Goal Reports

There was so much going on around the
house last week that I was doing well just to get my serial chapters
done. So all the other writing plans I had went straight out the
window, dang it. I did get about a quarter of what was on the list
done for my business goals, and made a serious dent in the personal
goals list too. Needless to say, I’ll be pushing TWC’s release
back to late November/early December, which is where it originally
was, so I guess I can’t really complain. Fall is just way too busy
of a season, I tell you what.

Oh, and I fixed my treadmill myself,
too. Feelin’ pretty good about that…

Goals for the Week


  • 5 serial chapters (think one will
    be done this week – yay!)

  • Write flash story for anthology
    (have you submitted yours yet?)

  • Spend one night this week working
    on TWC revisions


  • Finish converting the next BSB

  • Marketing plan for said title

  • Submit to review sites

  • Dare I put down catch up record

  • Do some research on foreign
    authors w/US publishers


  • Finish cleaning out large
    aquariums, donate to the local zoo

  • One load of laundry per day to
    catch up.

  • Workout four nights

  • Move more stuff downstairs to prep
    for carpet installation

  • Finalize Halloween party guest

And that’s probably more than enough
to keep me busy this week. Anything fun, or just plain annoying on
your plate today?

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