Weekly News, Archive & Goals 9/26/11

Wow. It’s a little after 1am as I’m
writing this, and my brain is pretty much shot. It’s been a crazy
weekend…first nearly a full day of shopping on Saturday as we
sought (and found – yay!) the perfect new entertainment center.
Yes, we’re finally getting a flat panel TV next month, because we
finally had the money to upgrade the entertainment furniture to
accommodate one (well, and TV’s have come down to a more reasonable
price too). We also stopped at our local candy store and bought a
bunch of stuff for our impending Halloween party as well as a few
gifts. It was a busy day.

Then Sunday I spent the majority of the
day finishing the formatting and uploads of Carol R. Ward’s new
romantic fantasy, An Elemental Wind (which you should all read
– it’s awesome). It’s available in the BSB store now for just
.99 cents (introductory price), and will be available in other online
stores as they put it up throughout the week. The paperback will be
available in mid-October. And if you like that book, you’ll need to
catch up with the serial novel on her blog – another in the Ardraci
Elementals series. The official launch is Friday, and I think we’ll
do something special on the Snake Bites blog to celebrate…

But wait, there’s more! Between
uploading and laundry and making dog food for the week, I also
managed to finish the thriller novella I’ve been working on since
January. Angel Eyes is done, and I can’t say for certain, but I
think I’m happy with how it turned out. We’ll see what the editor
says, and I should have that out in November.

Did I mention I finished another
erotica short last week as well?

So yeah. Lots going on around here.
Which explains why I missed yesterday’s blog post – but it will
keep until next week.

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Goal Reports

I actually did pretty well with most of
my writing and business goals last week. Finishing two serials was
awesome, getting Carol’s book out was/is awesome, and I feel pretty
good about the progress I made. Personal stuff got shoved aside
rather handily, unfortunately, so I need to catch up in that respect
this week. I’ll be waiting to start new serials for a week or so,
in order to give myself some time to work on revisions for TWC. I’d
really like to get those done sooner rather than later…

Goals for the Week


  • Two serial chapters

  • Send completed stories to the

  • Revise TWC (finish, if possible)

  • Finish my flash story for Rattles


  • Submit books for review

  • Catch books up (really…*must* do

  • Finish customizing new store

  • Post new author services packages


  • Workout four nights

  • Clean out and either donate or
    move aquariums.

  • Catch up laundry

  • Move a bunch of stuff
    downstairs/to garage to prepare for carpet installation

And I think that’s it for me this
week. Now it’s 1:35am, and I am headed for bed. Here’s to a
fabulous week…

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One comment on “Weekly News, Archive & Goals 9/26/11

  1. Carol

    Thank you for all those kind words! You’re the best! 🙂

    And I can’t believe all the stuff you accomplished last week considering you were back to the day job and you had all that stuff you were doing for me.

    You’re either twins, or the most organized person on the face of the planet!