Weekly News & Goals 10/10/11

Where to start? Well, let’s see. I’m
off from the day job today thanks to Columbus Day, so that’s very
handy. It’s less than two full weeks to our annual Halloween party,
and the schedule is tighter than a whalebone corset, so if you don’t
see me around online as much, that’s why. Posts might be late (or I
may miss a few, though I will do my darnedest not to miss the serial
story chapters), but in a couple of weeks, it will all go back to

As for the blog, the people who
answered my little impromptu survey last week seemed to appreciate
the schedule and goals, so we’ll keep those on Mondays. One person
said the multi-media stuff was fun and she’d like to see more, and
I’ve heard that via other venues as well. So after all this holiday
hoopla dies down, I’ll be doing more with that again too. It will
be fun – I’m looking forward to it.

For now, we’ll just keep things as
they are.

For those of you reading the erotica
shorts, The Pile Driver is available now. Here’s the announcement at TrinityMarlow.com.

And the first Rattles flash fiction
anthology, In a Dark Place, will
be available this week from e-tailers everywhere, so watch for that.
It’s a great collection of flash fiction, if I do say so myself,
and the October prompt is up at the Rattles sight – writers, we’d
love to see your submissions (and yes, it is a paying market)!

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Excerpt from
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by Sarah Bella at Rattles Flash Fiction

– Bills & The Mail Center at Routinely Yours
– Ch. 22 of The Minister’s Maid at FantasyRanchNovels.com
– Ch. 2 of The Paramedic at TrinityMarlow.com (NSFW, Adults only)

Ch. 1 of a new thriller at AlexWesthaven.com
– On Bookkeeping at Beyond the Words
– Ch. 3 of The Paramedic at TrinityMarlow.com

Official Release Day for In a Dark Place at Snake Bites and RattlesFlash Fiction

– you didn’t think I’d let you get bored, right?


week my only real goal was to keep up online while trying to manage
offline issues. I didn’t fare very well with either of those, so
we’ll just start anew this week, eh?

for the Week


  • 5
    serial chapters

  • Start
    a flash piece for Rattles


  • Finish
    formatting, upload and release the very first Rattles issue (yay!)

  • Catch
    up bookkeeping

  • Post
    giveaway for An Elemental Wind at Goodreads

  • Read/respond
    to any Rattles subs


  • Finish
    cleaning out living room/bedroom & hall closets to prep for new
    carpet (next Monday now)

  • Clean
    and decorate upstairs bathroom

  • Decorate
    front window in living room

  • Stage
    everything needed for upstairs décor downstairs, so it’s ready as
    soon as the carpet goes in

  • Finalize
    party menu & figure out just how much I can buy pre-made to cut
    the work down

  • Help
    hubby decorate basement & set up bar

  • Do
    three 20 minute workouts so I don’t lose the muscle I’ve gained
    and don’t go backwards on weight loss

  • Catch
    up laundry completely

  • Finish
    costume prep

Busy, busy…but it’s gonna be a fabulous party. Speaking of
which, I’d better get to work…

hoping you have a great Monday! Do you celebrate Halloween? Any
parties to attend?

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    Oooh, Halloween prep is the most fun!!!!