Weekly News & Goals 10/11/10

First off, you must check out this spectacular logo that Heidi Sutherlin created for my self-publishing business. I am completely in love with my little serpent here – who started as a custom sketch *by hand*, which blows me away. Serious talent here, folks!

This is the image (or one iteration) and name you’ll see on all of my self-published work from here on out, no matter what name I use or genre it is. Branding is important – this will be my “umbrella” brand to encompass all my work.

Thanks again to Jody Hedlund for joining us last week. This week another wonderful author, Christine Fonseca is joining us Thursday to talk about intense emotions in relationships. She’s promoting her new book, Emotional Intensity in Gifted Children, which I’m sure will be a great resource not only for parents and teachers, but for writers as well. The better we understand all types of human personality, the more real our characters will become.

I don’t normally do book reviews here, but Sunday I’m reviewing a horror novel that I really wanted to read, and could get for free in return for a review. Since I don’t have my thriller blog set up yet, I’m doing it here – if you’re like me and enjoy a little horror in your reading diet, drop by Sunday for something quite a bit different.

This Week on The Variety Pages

Tuesday: Ch. 11 of The Biker’s Wench

Wednesday: Everyday Romance – Sleeping Arrangements

Thursday: Guest Post by Christina Fonseca

Friday: Ch. 12 of The Biker’s Wench

Sunday: Review of Draculas (A Novel of Terror) by Blake Crouch, Jake Kilborn (J.A. Konrath), F. Paul Wilson and Jeff Strand

Thursday at Beyond the Words

Passive Marketing

Goal Reports

I didn’t do too badly last week – started off slow, but I’m about half-way done with the Desert Heat revisions now, and got one extra scene done for TBW, along with the first scene of my horror novel (Jan. 2011) and a new start for my big pen name project. The new project is going to work better if I have reader input, so I’ve decided to serialize it much like I do with my novels, though it’s decidedly different in many ways. I’ll tell you about it, and then you can decide if it might be something you’re interested in helping me out with.

First, it’s full-on erotica. It will delve pretty deeply into darker, fetish-type lifestyles in graphic terms, so if that’s not your thing, it’s not for you. Secondly, it’s written in second person/present tense, which is remarkably different than my normal third-person/past preference (I’m quite enjoying the challenge). In the style of choose-your-own stories, the reader is the main character, choosing which direction to take at the end of each scene. My plan is to craft paths through the story for both men and women, and to that end, the first choice is one of gender. I’m still not sure of how this will work in a blog format, but it will be a fun experiment, I think. I’ve decided trying to keep my pen name secret is futile (mostly because I screwed up several times just establishing it, and will undoubtedly do it again), but because the work is so different from the romantic suspense I write under my own name, I’m keeping it to clearly distinguish between the two genres.

All that said, if you’re interested in participating or just like to watch, go here . Comments are moderated for obvious reasons, 18 and older only.

As far as the business side goes, I’ve got the Brazen Snake Books web site and blog about half-done, and still need to get back to my spreadsheets. And on the personal side, no workouts done, and now that serious decorations are coming out I won’t get any workouts in now for a couple weeks as the workout room/TV is part of the “haunt”. We’ve done a lot of cleaning and now it’s just a matter of getting the haunt scenes set up – we’ve got less than two weeks to the party, so everything’s kicking into overdrive!

Goals for the Week


  • Finish the DH revisions and send ms to editor (yay!)

  • Two new scenes for TBW

  • One more scene for NE (pen name) story


  • Finish the basic blog/web site design for BSB

  • Send two review requests out


  • Finish basement decorating

  • Sort and donate unneeded decorations

  • Finalize all food plans/menus/table layouts

  • Finish reading Draculas and post review here Sunday.

That’s what I’m up to – it’s crunch time! What’s going on in your world? Read any good books lately?

12 comments on “Weekly News & Goals 10/11/10

  1. Carol

    Cool logo! How did you come up with the name Brazen Snake?

  2. Meg

    Haven’t read anything good lately, but we did go out and by Zeus a Halloween costume! (It’s super cute, but he doesn’t like wearing it all that long.)

    Good luck getting everything done this week.

  3. Cari Quinn

    Wow, Jamie, I LOVE your logo. It’s so cool and distinctive…Heidi is amazingly talented (as are you!) Love your plan to make your erotic tale choose your own adventure. I used to love CYOA books as a kid. 😉 Off to check out your story now…so happy for you! And I really need to email you soon to catch up!

  4. Jamie D.

    Carol, I have a watch (or rather, had – I had to order a replacement since mine stopped working) that is a metal snake that coils around my wrist (I’ll put a photo on the BSB site when it goes live). It’s a bronze color, and when I was trying to decide on a business name that would sort of encompass all of my genres I looked down at my wrist and there it was. Snakes can be sensual (think movement), tempting (think Garden of Eden), or creepy/scary…and always sort of get the blood pumping when you see one. That’s exactly what I want all of my books to do – get the blood pumping and evoke strong feelings of sensuality, temptation, and sometimes fear…so it seemed perfect. 🙂

  5. Jamie D.

    Aww…I bet it’s cute though! Will there be pictures? *hint*

    Good luck to you as well – hope you find some good books soon!

  6. Jamie D.

    Thanks Cari! It’s fab, isn’t it? 🙂

    We’ll see how the CYO format goes, but I think it could work if I craft it right. It’s interesting writing in second person/present tense…I feel like I need to be much more descriptive to avoid using pronouns constantly. Yet another exercise that will probably (hopefully) make my writing stronger…

    You need a couple days off just to email people, eh? LOL

    Thanks for checking out the story – it’s not erotic yet, but will get there very soon. 😉

  7. Cindy R. Wilson

    Hey Jamie. I like the logo–it’s great that you’re thinking about branding.

    I read a great book last week that I talked about on my blog. Other than that, I’ve been keeping busy with my writing. Have a great week!

  8. Ruth Ann Nordin

    I love that logo! It looks very professional.

    I think you got the right idea with interviews. You’re adding something intriguing with it.

    What a unique idea you have for your erotic book. Second person in present tense and the reader gets to choose. I don’t typically for go erotica, but this format is too tempting to resist. LOL

  9. Jamie D.

    Hey Cindy – thanks! I’ll have to go check out the book you read…haven’t had much blog time with all the writing & Halloween stuff, but I’ll make a point. Thanks for stopping! 🙂

  10. Jamie D.

    Thanks Ruth Ann! I’m lucky to have Heidi doing my graphics. 🙂

    I like the author interviews – always like to help out fellow writers.

    The first scene isn’t erotic, and the second probably won’t be too explicit either, so if you just want to check out the writing/format, now’s the time to do it. I’ll post warnings and scenes will be “behind the cut” when we start getting into the heavier stuff. 😉

  11. India Drummond

    I really don’t understand how you do so much all at once! Don’t you ever sleep?

    Can’t wait to get my hands on that new manuscript!

  12. Jamie DeBree

    One little bit at a time, India. 🙂 I sleep 4-5 hrs per night.

    I can’t wait until you have Desert Heat either, because I’m *so* ready to pass it off for awhile! LOL