Weekly News & Goals 10/17/10

For those of you who were looking for the Draculas review yesterday, it posted at 12:10 am this morning. Why? Because Konrath and his co-authors are doing a marketing experiment and wanted as many reviews as possible posted on the same day – today. So if you’re not a blog subscriber and didn’t see the review (and want to), scroll down – it should be right before this post.

Thanks again to Christine Fonseca for the joining us last week and giving away a copy of her book (congrats to Heidi, the winner). This week I’ll be interviewing Jesi Lea Ryan , author of Four Thousand Miles – stop in Thursday to meet Jesi.

If you’re interested in doing a guest post or interview here at The Variety Pages, please feel free to email me. Thursdays are author spotlight days, and I’d love to feature you and your book.

While we’re on the subject of interviews, Julie Anne Lindsey at Musings from the Slush Pile (a blog I recently discovered) is interviewing me about my NaNo experiences this Wednesday, so if you’ve got a few minutes and are interested in National Novel Writing Month , join us.

This Week at The Variety Pages

Tuesday: Ch. 13 of The Biker’s Wench

Wednesday: Everyday Romance – Opposites Attract?

Thursday: Author Interview – Jesi Lea Ryan

Friday: Ch. 14 of The Biker’s Wench

Thursday at Beyond the Words

Social Marketing Strategies

Goal Reports

I missed my deadline for revisions…but I should be done either today or tomorrow, so it’s all good. Once they’re finished I’ll send them off to the editor and forget about Desert Heat until sometime in December. I barely got Friday’s chapter of TBW done in time, but here’s hoping this week’s installments will go more easily. Such is life when you run out of planned scenes. After DH is sent off, I plan to focus on writing ahead on TBW so there are minimal interruptions during NaNo.

Personal goals are to the frantic level right now – the big Halloween Bash is this coming Saturday night…ack! I’m off work this week for the sole purpose of getting everything finished, and hubby will be off work Weds. – Fri. too. It’s all Halloween, all the time this week, and it’s gonna be a great party…

Goals for the Week


  • Finish revisions and send DH off for editing

  • Two or three more chapters of TBW

  • Several sections for NE project


– Open bank account and paypal accounts for BSB


That’s my week – what’s on your agenda? Read any good books lately?

5 comments on “Weekly News & Goals 10/17/10

  1. Meg

    Have fun with the party!

  2. Carol

    Paypal, that’s what I’m forgetting! Thanks for the reminder! 😀

    You are one dynamic individual – always busy. Unlike me, who appears to be always slacking off. 🙂

    Your party is going to be fabulous – I can’t wait to see the pictures!

  3. Brooklyn Ann

    Your party sounds awesome! Congrats on all the writing progress you’ve made.
    My goal for this week is another 10K. I want this draft finished as close to the beginning of November as possible.

    I’m also doing a Halloween Party on Saturday in honor of my oldest stepdaughter’s birthday. She’s becoming a tween. Gasp!!!

  4. Dolly

    Good luck with the goals, and enjoy your party 🙂 I am sure it will be fabulous, and I am looking forward to seeing the pictures on your blog. 🙂

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