Weekly News & Goals 10/17/11

If you haven’t checked out In a Dark Place, the first Rattles Flash Fiction anthology, what are
you waiting for? It’s just .99 cents for the introductory price,
available pretty much everywhere, and includes my flash piece, Dark Therapy
along with five other flash fiction stories by other talented
authors. Flash fiction, for those who don’t know, is fiction 1000
words or less. These stories are all right around 1k words (about 4
pages each). So perfect for reading in smaller snippets of time.

Today I’m finally (after a 2 week
delay) getting our new carpet put in. We’ve spent the last 24 hours
moving everything out of the dining room, living room, hall and
bedroom, and considering the state of our belongings, the dogs and
the two of us are quite adrift at the moment. I can’t tell you how
ready I am to put everything back together and get back to normal (or
relatively normal, considering all the decorating ahead of us).

In any case, blogging is going to be
hit and miss this week. Sorry about that, but with the party stuff, I
have no idea how much time I’ll be able to spend writing (or how
much brain space I’ll have left when I find some), and the drafts
need to come before anything else (because the stories must go on).
So I’ll do my best, but if I miss a non-fic post here and there,
you’ll know that’s why. Next week everything will be back to
normal again.

This Week on The
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News & Goals
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Goal Reports

Last week I did well keeping up with my
serial fiction, and I did start a new flash piece, but not the one I
was supposed to. Evil Jester Press has an open call right now for
their Attic Toys anthology (horror/black humor), and I thought it would be fun to
sub something to that…mainly because I love the whole theme and the
cover art is awesome. So that’s over half-done, and I haven’t started my Rattles piece yet. There’s still time for that though,
I’ll get it done.

Obviously the anthology from my own
press is done and out, so that’s fabulous. I’m very happy with
how it turned out, and I’m looking forward to putting the next one
together. I’ve got a couple subs to go through, so a good start on
that. I got about half my business goals done, and the personal
ones…well, everything is chaos with this whole carpet thing, so
it’s hit and miss.

Minimal goals this week due to major
last minute party prep…

Goals for the Week


  • 5 serial scenes

  • Work on a flash fic story


  • Read & respond to all Rattles

  • Promo for various books


  • Put living room back together

  • Finish decorating inside/out

  • All other party prep

  • Make sure costume is on at least 1
    hour before party

  • Throw a great bash

  • Take pictures and post them

  • Relax on Sunday.

If I get all that done, I’ll declare
this week a success.

Wishing you all a happy and productive
week as well…

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