Weekly News & Goals 10/24/11

Thanks to all for being patient while I
disappeared last week with the whole carpet/entertainment
center/party prep chaos. It was an insane six days, and Sunday we
crashed hard, barely mustering the energy to get food and clean up
the party leftovers that might start stinking if we didn’t. My
least favorite part of the whole week was having to admit defeat, and
give up writing for the duration. A writer used to writing daily who
is suddenly forced to quit for a few days is a pretty unhappy writer.
Or maybe it’s just me. But writing is cathartic for me – and one
of my favorite things to do, so it made me pretty crabby to have to
give it up. Thankfully, this week it’s back to the regular schedule
for the most part, so back to the writing as of tomorrow night.

Naturally, I’m back to blogging this
week too, which I also missed more than I probably should have. What
can I say? I’ve been blogging a long, long time (long before I
thought I’d publish books), so it’s a pretty deeply ingrained
habit now.

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Goal Reports

Yeah, let’s not, and say we did,
okay? My goals quickly got whittled down to “get ready for the
party, throw a great party, clean up anything that could smell
later”. And we managed to do all that (barely), so we’ll call
that good and move on this week.

Goals for the Week


  • 5 serial scenes

  • Write Rattles flash story

  • Finish Attic Toys flash submission


  • Read/respond to all current
    Rattles submissions

  • Spend a few hours on bookkeeping

  • Update back matter on a few ebook

  • Check pub schedule and make sure
    everything is on track to the end of the year


  • Catch up at the day job

  • Party clean-up

  • Put up the graveyard outside for
    the kids on Halloween

  • Make goodie bags for

That’s it for this week…plenty, I
think. Anything exciting going on in your world? Any parties to
attend? Costumes to wear?

Here’s to a good and productive week
for us all…

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