Weekly News & Goals 11/14/11

This weekend I finally unburied my Thanksgiving decorations, and it’s now feeling very harvest-y at my house with pumpkins and autumn leaves here and there. I love this time of year – the chill in the air, the bright, warm colors, and the lull after our Halloween madness before December hits. Even when I’m doing NaNo the pace of November seems slower to me, and I love that. I also really love pumpkin pie and apple cider, though not usually at the same time…

Around my corner of the blogosphere, things are settling down as well. Last week I was still dealing with a lot of “residual” stuff at home which is why I got a bit behind, but I caught up by Friday and I spent most of the weekend getting the main living areas in our house put back to normal, so this week my evenings are all about writing, blogging and book stuff. Feels good to be able to focus on that again, and aside from this one (because I was finishing the last of my home catch-up work last night), posts should be on time for the rest of the week. That feels good too.

If you’re looking for some quick and easy reading, check out the new Rattles anthology, At the Water’s Edge. It’s a great collection of flash fiction, if I do say so myself, and perfect for when you don’t have time to really dig into a longer work, but want something to read. Great for lunch breaks! Check it out on in the BSB store (links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords on that page as well).

While you’re there, if you’re an author (or want to be) and thinking of self-publishing but want a little help with your first book, I’ve listed new assisted self-publishing packages in the Author Services section that might be of interest….

This Week on The Variety Pages

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Goal Reports

It felt like I was spinning my wheels last week, but I managed to get a surprising number of items checked off my lists. The serial chapters all got done, most of the personal goals are completed, and the November Rattles anthology is officially out, so all’s well there. I have pretty high hopes for this week as well, and should be able to devote most of Saturday to editing my thriller novella, to be released in early December. Exciting!


– 5 serial scenes (finish erotica short, hopefully)
– Edits to Angel Eyes


– Format BiB for print (& upload) & format for digital release
– Format/upload the Rattles anthologies for print
– Update the BSB web site
– Bookkeeping
– Guest post for #Amwriting.org (will post Thanksgiving Day)
– List Goodreads giveaway for BiB
– Update publication schedule to the end of the year
– Find a new newsletter host (mine is shutting down in Jan.)


– Format print book for a friend
– Workout three times
– Work on putting more Halloween away (basement)
– Plan Thanksgiving brunch menu
– Dentist appt. (today – ugh!)
– Avoid getting whatever crud my husband has.

And that’s it for me, for now. What are you up to this week? Anything exciting? Or just enjoying the lull before the holiday storm?

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