Weekly News & Goals – 11/15/10

Last week was going pretty well, despite my realization that I may, in fact, not reach 50k this month, and even more shocking, that I was okay with that. And then things went south at the day job, throwing me off my overall groove. I hate when that happens. Which is my way of apologizing for not getting back to comments last week, and telling you I may not get to them this week either, depending on how things go. Hopefully they’ll go better than expected…

Yesterday I posted the last bi-weekly newsletter – you can view it here. The big news is that I’m moving the newsletter back to email only, and it will now be a monthly update (along with the occasional “extra” edition to announce a new release or contest). Sign up for Variety News here – the first monthly edition will go out on November 28th.

This Week on The Variety Pages

Tuesday: Chapter 21 of The Biker’s Wench

Wednesday: Everyday Romance – Working Together

Friday: Chapter 22 of The Biker’s Wench

Thursday at Beyond the Words

Marketing Plan for January

Goal Reports

The only writing goal I didn’t meet last week was 2k on The Minister’s Maid daily. This is just not going to happen, mainly because I’m not willing to give up either of my other serials, or TV. I probably won’t make the 50k this year, and I’m okay with that, mainly because these other projects that I don’t want to give up are important to me, and part of my long-term business plan. In light of that (and the fact that I really, really want to start the final edits on Desert Heat), I’ve revised my writing schedule a bit to accommodate my different projects. I realize that this would be a nightmare for some other writers, but variety is what keeps me “on” and engaged.

I’m a wee bit behind on ye olde business goals, but will catch those up this week. And last week’s personal goals were simple – I did workout twice, the office is completely redone and just needs a bit more work on the organization, and I did focus as well as I could on my writing, considering outside stress & all. Not a bad week, to be sure.

Goals for the Week


  • Two more chapters/sections for each serial project

  • Two night’s work on The Minister’s Maid (and whatever other time I can scrounge up)

  • Start final edits for Desert Heat

  • Attend new local writer’s group meeting Saturday to see what I think.


  • Add links to the BSB site on all my other sites.

  • Convert & upload/update Tempest on Barnes & Noble

  • Work on the BSB gift shop and order promo items

  • Put Tempest on sale this Sunday for 99 cents.


  • Finish the great office remodel project.

  • Workout three times

  • Get to bed no later than 12:30am (early for me at this point)

That’s my week – what’s yours look like? Read any good books lately? I highly recommend Karen Fenech for romantic suspense – her book “Gone” has me enthralled at the moment…

5 comments on “Weekly News & Goals – 11/15/10

  1. Susanne

    *perk* Local writer’s group??

  2. Susanne

    *perk* Local writer’s group?

  3. Brooklyn Ann

    Ah, so you are mortal after all!

  4. Jamie DeBree

    I’ll let you know what happens…just three of us meeting to discuss. 😉

  5. Jamie DeBree

    Never claimed to be otherwise… 🙂