Weekly News & Goals 11/21/11

All my US friends ready for Thanksgiving later this week? We are eschewing the traditional turkey dinner in favor of hosting brunch Thursday morning for my parents, followed by a quiet dinner of BBQ sauce-smothered ribs for hubby and I, and then a pork chop dinner on Saturday with his parents. So no turkey for us, and I can’t say I’m all that upset about it. Sometimes change is good…

As for the blogs, I’m taking it easy this week – regrouping, if you will. I’ll have a guest post at Amwriting.org on Thursday, and I’ll post a link here when that goes up. Other than the serial chapters I’m not going to worry about the rest of it for one more week. I have a lot of things to finish up – both projects for other people and my own, so I really just want to focus on getting those done this week so I can breathe a little easier in December.

So this week – just this post, a guest post and the serial novel posts:

– Ch. 28 of The Minister’s Maid at FantasyRanchNovels.com
– Ch. 14 of The Paramedic at TrinityMarlow.com (NSFW, Adults only)

– Ch. 6 of Animal at AlexWesthaven.com


– Ch. 27 of Falling in Public (here)
– Ch. 15 of The Paramedic at TrinityMarlow.com

Goal Reports

Between the day job and book biz stuff picking up exponentially, I didn’t get nearly as much done last week as I would have liked. And the one thing I really wanted to get done, which was editing my thriller novella, kept getting shoved aside for more pressing things. My weekend was kind of topsy-turvy too due to hubby’s topsy-turvy work schedule, so while it was rather productive, it just wasn’t enough.

So stepping out of list mode, my only goals for this particular week are to finish the publications I need to get done for BSB, to edit/format my thriller novella, and to finish the current erotica draft I have going. If I can accomplish just those three things, I don’t really care what else (if anything) gets done. Though I suppose it would be nice to vacuum before brunch on Thursday, but at this point, even that is optional. 

So that’s my rather condensed plan for the week. Here’s hoping you have a productive and happy week as well…

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One comment on “Weekly News & Goals 11/21/11

  1. Brooklyn Ann

    I’m hoping to dedicate this week to writing. Between a crippling sinus infection and other obligations it’s been too long since I’ve gotten some major work in.