Weekly News & Goals – 11/22/10

Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week here in the US? Crazy. Time flies when you’re having fun…or busy, in this case. The holiday season is coming up quickly, and after all that lovely food on Thursday comes the mad shopping rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’ll be at the day job for both of those, thanks. Not much of a shopper.

But for those who are – the digital version of Tempest is on sale for $.99 at Amazon , Barnes & Noble and Smashwords from now until November 30th. Amazon has just rolled out a very cool feature too – you can now give ebooks from the Kindle store as gifts! From what I hear, they’re also working on a lending library similar to Barnes & Noble, so watch for that as well. For a list of some other books on sale for $.99 for Black Friday, click here – and remember, most ebook stores have free samples available, so you can download a few pages to see if you want to keep reading or not. I make very good use of this feature myself.

Also, last week I mentioned that Variety News is moving back to an exclusive email format, and then didn’t give you the link (not sure what happened there). So here it is – sign up here to receive Variety News via email. It will be sent out on the last Sunday of every month, with the rare special edition sent out to announce a book release or major contest. Why email only? So I can give newsletter subscribers special sneak-peeks, discount coupons, advance buying options, and other fun stuff. And because some people simply prefer a monthly email over a blog post, Facebook update or Tweet. I like to be accommodating when I can.

This Week at The Variety Pages

Tuesday: Ch. 23 of The Biker’s Wench

Wednesday: Everyday Romance – Giving Thanks

Friday: Ch. 24 of The Biker’s Wench

Friday at Beyond the Words

Sales & Marketing Report

Goal Reports

Last week’s writing goals went swimmingly – the only thing I didn’t manage to get to was the edits for Desert Heat. There’s still time though, so no worries. Anytime I start before December will be ahead of time for that. The new writer’s group meeting was much fun…I think I’ll really enjoy working with these two gals. One has even been reading this blog – hi Loree! Local writers who might be interested, shoot me an email and we’ll chat.

On my business goals, I’ve updated all my various blogs/sites with links back to Brazen Snake Books, and finally got all the purchase links pointed that way as well. As noted above, Tempest is uploaded to B&N again, and on sale now ’til the end of the month. The only thing I didn’t get done was work on the promo shop – so that will carry over.

And for personal – the great office project is nearly done, but not quite. I have a ton of stuff in there that needs to be donated elsewhere, but it’s simply too cold/snowy to pack it all up and drive it around, so we’ll wait until it’s a little warmer. I worked out three times – I’ve been doing yoga in the mornings before work, which seems to help a lot with my ankle issues. As for getting to bed at 12:30…well, a girl can dream, right?

Goals for the Week


  • Keep up with online serials (4 scenes total)

  • Start Desert Heat edits

  • 2k more words for The Minister’s Maid


  • Fix up promo shop and link it to the web site.

  • Order promo items

  • Create direct order links for ebooks from the site.


  • Get the house shaped up by Thursday for Thanksgiving company

  • Use whatever time is left on Thursday for writing

  • Get laundry caught up with one load per night

  • Be sociable on Saturday for second holiday dinner

  • Read & review A Sordid Situation by Vivian Kees

That’s my week this week – what’s on your plate? Read any good books lately (and have you “hugged” the author by leaving a review)?

Happy Thanksgiving to all in the US!

One comment on “Weekly News & Goals – 11/22/10

  1. Carol

    Glad to hear last week went so well for you. And I can’t wait to see pictures of your office. You will be posting pictures, won’t you?

    Yeah, that’s right. Tease me with your snow: it’s simply too cold/snowy . . . It’s raining here. 😛

    A Sordid Situation is an awesome read, I know you’ll enjoy it. Have a great week Jamie!