Weekly News & Goals 11/27/11

I hope everyone had a good holiday last
week (or just a good week, for those outside the US). We had a quiet
Thursday and a pretty easy work week, which was nice overall. I’m
not a shopper (well, not in stores, anyways), so the only buying I
did was a tea-binge online Saturday night. It was a doozy, so I’m
sure it made up for all the money I didn’t spend elsewhere.

This week the plan is just to get back
into my normal routines – and that includes blogging. So back to
the full schedule, for now anyways. I’ll be switching things up
again come January…seems like a good month for a change, don’t
you think?

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Goal Reports

Last week I did a decent job of
catching up, but not much else, unfortunately. I did get my thriller
novella edited, thank goodness. And I’m really close to the end of
my erotica short, so that’s good too. I got several things off my
plate as well, so this week I should be able to move forward without
too much trouble. Hooray for that!


  • 4-5 serial scenes (depending)

  • Format/publish thriller novella

  • Finish erotic short, hopefully


  • Work on a formatting project

  • Promotion

  • Order print copies of flash

  • Get the Dec. newsletter ready

  • Settle on a new newsletter service
    (mine is closing)


  • Put more Halloween away

  • Workout 3x

  • Watch the carbs

I think that’s enough for me this
week. To all those racing frantically to finish your NaNo novels –
go go go!!

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