Weekly News & Goals – 11/29/10

It’s Cyber Monday – is everyone finding great deals online? Payday is tomorrow for me, so I’ll conveniently miss the best sales, but that’s how it goes sometimes. I’ll see if there are any left tomorrow night after work.

Tempest was supposed to be $.99 through today, but apparently Amazon and Barnes & Noble are far quicker to raise prices than to lower, and they’ve already changed my prices back to $1.99. If you were hoping to get half off, you can either sign up for my newsletter (newsletter subscribers get a special half-off code for the rest of the month at Smashwords), or you can buy the .pdf version at Brazen Snake Books . That will go back up to $1.99 later tonight.

Thank you to all who have bought a copy – sales are good this month, which is very motivating in terms of getting more books out there. 

I shoveled two feet of snow off the driveway this morning – yikes! I’m afraid we’re spoiled – haven’t had a “real” Montana winter here since I was a kid. It’s not cold though, which is nice…I can deal with the snow (like it, even), but I’m not all that fond of temps below about 20 degrees.

Author Karen Fenech is joining us this Thursday for an interview, and she’s also giving away a book from her backlist to *three* lucky commenters!  You won’t want to miss it…

This Week on The Variety Pages

Tuesday: Ch. 25 of The Biker’s Wench

Wednesday: Everyday Romance – Misunderstandings

Thursday: Author Interview & giveaway with romantic suspense author Karen Fenech

Friday: Ch. 26 of The Biker’s Wench

Goal Reports

I got a lot done last week, though not nearly as much as I’d planned. I consider it a victory that I more or less kept up with the serials, got more words done on The Minister’s Maid, and lived through two turkey dinners (though I have to admit, I’m tossing the leftovers tonight). Unfortunately I didn’t get my edits started as planned, but will do that this week. I need to get cracking on my promo shop as well if I’m going to pull the big giveaway I have planned together. All in all though, progress was made, so I’m happy with that.

Now that NaNo is over and I’ve officially not won, The Minister’s Maid will scale back to 1k words or so per week, until The Biker’s Wench draft is complete. No need to rush the second book when the first one’s not done.

Goals for the Week


– Stay *ahead* of my serial novels (I haz a new project schedule – yay!)

– Start the final edits for Desert Heat

– 800 – 1k words for The Minister’s Maid

– 800 – 1k words for the new January thriller serial (yes, I’m starting early – staying ahead!)

– Update writing blog with new schedule and post on working several projects at once (since people seem curious)


– Format .mobi and .epub copies of Tempest to sell direct on the Brazen Snake Books site.

– Finish up Café Press promo store and links.

– Start gathering contest prize materials.


– Catch up that dang laundry

– Stow fall décor, put up the Christmas tree

– Workout three times (I’m counting all that snow shoveling as one!)


That’s what I’m up to – what’s new in your world? Read any good books lately?

5 comments on “Weekly News & Goals – 11/29/10

  1. Dolly

    Good luck with this week’s goals, and snow shovelling definitely counts as a workout. Probably burns more calories than treadmill.

    I would love to read your post about multi-project work. I can do multi-projects, but I haven’t yet managed to be disciplined about it. That’s something I am planning to work on in 2011.

  2. Brooklyn Ann

    Good luck with your goals! I’m hoping to finish this new draft of WRENCHING FATE this week. Then I’ll take a day or two off to begin Christmas preparations.

  3. Sidni M

    Hi Jamie, I’m looking forward to your post on working on multiple projects at once. I like to do that too. Also, snow shoveling is SO a workout!

  4. Carol

    Busy as ever, I see. 🙂

    I wouldn’t know about shovelling snow being a good workout – seeing as we STILL don’t have any! (are you starting to sense that I’m a wee bit bitter about our snowless state? I think we should change from the Great White North to the Great Green North!)

  5. Jamie DeBree

    I am sore today from the shoveling yesterday…talk about a workout! Whew.

    There are definite pros & cons to working several projects at once…personally, I’ve “hyper-focused” on just one occasionally and made progress, but I also burn out that way. Different strokes, and all.

    Brooklyn, good luck with finishing the draft! 🙂 And your Christmas prep, of course…I’m having to talk myself into it this year.

    Carol, I’m *trying* to send some of this your way, really! Here’s hoping you get some soon!