Weekly News & Goals 11/7/11

You may have noticed some very late posts last week (and some missing altogether). Our house is still seriously chaotic following new carpet, Halloween decorations & the whole party thing. I’ve been trying to balance the need to get stuff done around the house after work/on weekends with book business “stuff”, and not doing a terribly great job at either, unfortunately. But we made good progress this weekend, and I’m very nearly caught up with the important parts, which is a great feeling. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, eh?

I’m pretty proud of the fact that I still managed to get both newsletters out on time this weekend though. If you’re not signed up and want to see what they look like, you can read Variety News and or the Brazen Snake Monthly online.

Pretty simple newsletters, but that’s where all sales, contests etc will be announced first, especially as we move closer to the holidays.

As for the blog this week – cross your fingers, but I think I’ll be able to keep up now…

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Goal Reports

Despite the chaos last week, I did surprisingly well with my goals. I managed (barely) to write and post all five of my serial chapters by Friday night. I didn’t finish my Attic Toys sub in time, but that was just a fun exercise anyways, so I’m not all that broken up about it (and the story’s still in my head and it’s fun, so I may well finish it anyways, and post it as a free read on the Westhaven site).  So writing goals get a 95% check for last week.

The business goals fared okay – could have been better, but I got the important things done (like necessary bookkeeping and books/payments ready to send out). Now that those are out of the way, I can get back to the fun part of formatting and publishing books.

On the personal front, we got the garage cleaned out, which sort of set us back on the housecleaning side (naturally). I implemented my new housekeeping routines on Saturday (and they worked pretty well), but Sunday was a wash due to putting decorations away and just trying to put things back where they belong. I love our new carpet, but good lord, the repercussions last *forever*…

This week, more of the same…


  • 5 serial scenes


  • Spend a few hours on bookkeeping
  • Update back matter on a few ebook titles
  • Format and upload Nov. Rattles anthology
  • Format Brothers in Betrayal by Heidi Sutherlin
  • Post a Goodreads contest for BiB
  • Plan holiday promos


  • Get all Halloween stuff put away for the year
  • Set out some Thanksgiving/fall decor
  • Finish bedroom reconstruction
  • Workout three nights
  • Plan Thanksgiving dinner (we’re hosting, I think)

And that’s plenty to keep me busy this week. Hopefully with a bit less chaos.

Hopefully those of you doing NaNo are burning up the pages – many words to you!

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