Weekly News & Goals 12/12/11

The tree is up, the gifts are mostly bought (and those that aren’t are not my responsibility). Aside from the dining room table (which needs to be cleaned off before I can put my nice green tablecloth on it), I’ve declared the halls “decked”. If I don’t get my cards done and mailed this week, they’ll risk being New Year’s cards, which is better than none at all like last year, I suppose.

In tune with my annual “regroup for the new year” thinking, I’ve been really considering what to do with this blog (and my other blogs – I have 11) for the coming year. I thought about discontinuing the serial stories, but that’s just stupid, because no matter how many or how few people read them, they *motivate me* to keep moving forward at a set pace. I will probably change how I post them though – but not until after the current stories are finished. So there will be some changes to those, but I will continue serializing.

Variety News is very late this month – mainly due to the fact that I’ve had to change newsletter providers (as I’ve probably said before), so I have to recreate my templates and such from scratch, which is just time consuming. I managed to get the Brazen Snake Monthly out last night though, and VN will be out later this week, barring any major issues. Incidentally, starting in February I’ll be including a short story with each month’s newsletter – and that will be the only way to get it free before it goes up for sale…

If you’ve read my books and think you’d like to read more next year, you might want to consider the new subscription service I’ve set up for romance readers in the BSB store. For $30, you get a year’s worth of unlimited ebook downloads in the romantic suspense and fantasy categories, 25% off romance paperbacks and 10% off everything else in the store. That means no matter how much I write/publish next year, you can have it all (plus everything I’ve already published) for $30. Sign up anytime, cancel anytime. Considering all the books I have scheduled out for publishing next year (includes shorts and novels), it’s a good deal.

Oh, and Carol interviewed me on her blog last week – for the whole long-winded truth, check it out at Random Thoughts (bring tea & something to snack on!).

This Week on The Variety Pages

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Goal Reports

Last week didn’t go too badly…I got a little behind on the business side of things (what’s new), which I feel bad about because books didn’t get sent out like they should have. But I kept up with the writing and got most of the decorating done, so I can’t complain.

This week, more catch-up stuff, a really fun guest post (that I meant to do yesterday), and Christmas cards are at the top of my lists. I’m really trying to get all the business stuff caught up to date before the new year. Then if I keep it up, it doesn’t need to be so pervasive in the future.

Goals for the Week


– 4 serial scenes

– Guest post about books


– Update web site

– Send out author copies and contest books

– List Goodreads giveaway for Rattles volumes

– Update back-of-book promos

– Start updating accounting

– Variety News


– Workout 3x

– Clean off DR table

– Christmas Cards

– Wrap/send gifts

That’s what my week looks like – anything fun going on in yours? All ready for the holidays?

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2 comments on “Weekly News & Goals 12/12/11

  1. Ardee-ann Eichelmann

    Jamie, first let me say that I would be sad, sad, sad if you quit serializing your stories. I have gotten behind on some and saved the chapters to try to catch up. Two I might not catch up on but the other two I certainly will. I do have every chapter saved. I love your stories. I buy them all when published but like reading them as you go along. I hate having gotten behind on reading but it was something that couldn’t be helped.

    My week will be fun. Today is Steffie’s birthday and we had lunch with my mom at Steffie’s favorite restaurant. Tomorrow we will go see “The Muppet Movie.” We are some wild and crazy old women. LOL!!!!

    Christmas is purchased, we need to get gift bags for some items. We don’t decorate for Christmas except for some cat ornaments that stay up year round.

    Love your blogs and your serials. I think you rock.



  2. Jamie D.

    Aw, thanks Ardee-ann. I’m behind on my serial reading too, unfortunately…but I’m really looking forward to Carol’s stories when I can get caught up. Serial reading is one of my favorite activities – and on my list of “don’t get behind on again” things for next year.

    Happy birthday to Steffie (belated now), and I hope you enjoyed the Muppet Movie! 🙂