Weekly News & Goals 12/19/11

One week to Christmas, and last night I scared myself silly walking past a zombie baby clown in the basement that we somehow forgot to turn off after Halloween. I’ve walked past it a hundred times since then, and it never triggered, but last night all conditions must have just been perfect. I tell you what – if you need a wake up call late at night, that’s a very effective choice…glowing red eyes in a spinning head with an evil laugh when least expected? Works great. 

That will teach me to forget laundry until midnight…


Things on the blog(s) will be pretty normal this week. Then the week between Christmas and New Years I’ll be taking off completely from all blogging, though I do have one guest post scheduled for that Tuesday (and if you want a guest spot that week, let me know – you can choose any other day). January 1st I’ll post my New Year Resolutions, and the first week in January I’ll be back with new schedules for all of my blogs. The serials will resume as normal that week too. 

So, in schedule form: 

The Variety Pages

Monday: News & Goals
Wednesday: Writing Notes – What Makes a Story Resonate?
Friday: Ch. 31 of Falling in Public

December 27th: Guest post by Jolyn Palliata
January 1st, 2012: Resolutions
January 2nd: New Schedules

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Goal Reports

I was pretty much half n half with last week’s goals, as usual. Got my serial chapters in, barely, and the gifts are wrapped, etc. This week is going to be pretty light on goals, as I kind of slow down and reflect on what’s *really* important to focus on in the coming year. 


– 4 serial scenes


– Catch up on any outstanding bookkeeping and business-y stuff before the year ends


– Endure the holiday gatherings with as much cheer as I can muster, and celebrate with the hubby when it’s all over. 

That’s it for me…and my last news/goal post this year. I wish all of you a very happy holiday season, and I hope you’ll stick around for what’s coming up in the new year.  

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One comment on “Weekly News & Goals 12/19/11

  1. Carol

    LOL I told you those zombie babies were evil!