Weekly News & Goals – 12/27/10

Another Christmas has come and gone – I hope yours was fun and not too stressful. Mine wasn’t too bad, a few glitches but otherwise pretty smooth. My biggest issue with most holidays is all the face-to-face social time required by the holiday. After over 24 hours worth of being around people other than my husband, I was dead-tired and longing for solitude. Such is the plight of an introvert…

I did get some writing done this weekend though, and two writer friends sent me wonderful books that I can’t wait to read. I also received an Amazon gift card that is being put to very good use funding my ebook habit. Now we’re on the slide down to the new year, which is one of my favorite times of year due to the fresh start it denotes for me.

This Week on The Variety Pages

Tuesday: Ch. 33 of The Biker’s Wench
: The Four Things Meme (compliments of Gary James )
: My Year in Review
: Ch. 34 of The Biker’s Wench
Resolutions for 2011

Goal Reports

You’ll be happy to know I finally got my Christmas cards done, and mailed them today. We’ll call them “interim cards” this year. As a bonus, I included my thank you notes, so it’s all done at once (and since I’m horrid at thank-you notes, they got done this year). I also survived Christmas, which is handy for my future plans. I still need to un-decorate this week – I can’t stand having Christmas up when a new year starts…it feels like I’m sullying my nice fresh start.

As far as writing goes, the only thing I didn’t get done was my suspense chapter, because I was just too worn out after the socializing to write on Saturday night. It’s all good though – the suspense serial doesn’t start until Saturday, so I’ve got time. I have just a little bit to finish on the Desert Heat formatting too, so I’ll order those tomorrow.

Goals for the Week


  • Two chapters for TBW

  • One chapter for TPM

  • One chapter for AE

  • Finish Desert Heat print formatting, order copies

  • Format DH for ebooks


  • Write a press release for DH

  • Send out digital review copies for DH


  • Store Christmas away

  • Clean house

  • Review last year’s resolutions

  • List this year’s resolutions

That’s my plan for the week. Do you make resolutions/goals for the new year? How did last year’s goals go for you?

2 comments on “Weekly News & Goals – 12/27/10

  1. Brooklyn Ann

    LOL, I’m still cleaning up Christmas as well. The fun part was making the kids get rid of some of their old stuff. 🙂

  2. Carol

    LOL I’m with you on the forced socializing bit – it’s my least favorite part of the season!

    I like my sparkly Christmas lights, so my tree stays up until New Year’s Day – it won’t take long to get rid of it though.

    I haven’t made any resolutions yet, but I’ve been thinking about them. 🙂

    Hope you have a great week!