Weekly News & Goals – 12/5/11

It’s been a long weekend around
here…after two fillings last Thursday, I got an infection in one of
the teeth, and had to go back in this morning for a root canal. On
the upside, this pretty much ensures that the rest of my week can’t
really go anywhere but up…

So…news. My newsletter service is
closing up shop on January 2nd, and I’ve had to migrate
to a new one. The new service has a lot of nice features, but it’s
also a paid plan and sending all the serial chapters that way would
be cost prohibitive. So I’ll take care of that myself, and save the
list service for the monthly newsletters. The December newsletters
will be a little late this week, as I still need to set up new
templates, but I’ll be sending out Variety News and Brazen SnakeMonthly later this week.

Also, there are an insane amount of
specials going on as far as books go right now – I’ll be doing
some too, but not until the week after Christmas. Until then, check
out these deals by my buddies:

Brothers in Betrayal (romantic
suspense) by Heidi Sutherlin – $.99 cents everywhere (scroll on page
for links to Amazon, B&N, etc)

An Elemental Wind (romantic
fantasy) by Carol R. Ward – $.99 cents everywhere

All of Michelle Davidson-Argyle’s books (literary/suspense/short stories) – $.99 cents on Amazon

Oh, and my thriller novella is out! Did
I mention that here? In any case, if you prefer your suspense sans
romance, and with the addition of a few more unattached body parts
than my rom. suspense novels, you may want to try Angel Eyes,
by one of my alter egos, Alex Westhaven. It’s out in digital format
for the introductory price of $.99 cents, and will be out in print by
the end of the month.

So…no excuse for running out of
things to read, right?

This Week on The Variety Pages

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Goal Reports

I didn’t do too badly last week,
considering the whole dental debacle at the end. Got all my serial
scenes up, and my thriller formatted and published, print copies ofthe Rattles anthologies done, and a few other things that were on the
list. All things considered, it wasn’t a bad week for productivity.

This week, more of the same. I need to
get some things caught/cleaned up before the new year, so hopefully I
can sneak a little of that in too.


  • 4 serial scenes


  • Format print version of Angel Eyes

  • Formatting job for someone else

  • Send author copies of Rattles out

  • List some Goodreads giveaways

  • Plan out end of year


  • Finish the Christmas decorating

  • Work on getting Halloween put away

  • Workout 3x

  • Christmas cards

  • Send out a few gifts

That’ll do for my week –
anything exciting on yours?

I’ll leave you with a little Bruno
Mars…who sums up my feelings today rather nicely (though I do have
to go back to work after lunch):