Weekly News & Goals – 12/6/10

Whew! As I write this, the weekend is pretty well over and I’m finally feeling better after a bout with some sort of stomach bug. I haven’t been sick in so long I forgot how annoying it is – so I’m grateful this was a quick moving thing. My only regret is that it happened over the weekend…would have been so much more convenient during the work week…

Congratulations again to Carol and Brooklyn for winning ebooks from Karen Fenech last week! She’s a great writer, and I’m sure you’ll love her books, but more than that, she’s a great person to talk to, so I hope you’ll all look her up on Twitter | Facebook and get to know her.

That post may or may not have been responsible for at least one reading binge…the J.R.Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood series was mentioned several times.


Thursdays are going to be changing around here in January, with the advent of a new collaborative blog project I’m working on with another yet-to-be-named author. The subject matter is something I think both readers and writers will find interesting, and the format one that should really encourage good dialogue and thought. More on that soon…

This Week on The Variety Pages

Tuesday: Ch. 27 of The Biker’s Wench

Wednesday: Everyday Romance – Happy to be Single

Friday: Ch. 28 of The Biker’s Wench

Thursday at Beyond the Words : Media Kits – Author Bios

For information on my pen name projects, check out Snake Bites , the BSB blog.

Goal Reports

For writing, I didn’t exactly stay ahead of my serials last week, but I did stay caught up, which was good. The edits for Desert Heat are coming right along, and I did indeed post at the writing notes blog about my juggling act. I ended the week right where I should be, which makes me happy and motivated.

The business and personal goals didn’t fare so well, unfortunately. It’s my own fault (isn’t it always?), though I would have gotten a lot more done this weekend had I been feeling better. C’est la vie…must keep moving forward.

Goals for the Week


  • Two scenes for The Biker’s Wench

  • Two scenes for erotica serial

  • One scene for the serial thriller

  • One scene for The Minister’s Maid

  • As much editing as possible on Desert Heat


  • Build blog for serial thriller

  • Finish off cafe press store and link

  • Tweet out a couple Tempest freebie codes


  • Buy a new, smaller Christmas tree to set up.

  • Finish whatever decorating I’m going to do.

  • Try to catch up on laundry.

  • Write family Christmas newsletter for cards.

That’s more than enough for me – what’s on your plate this week? Have you sent out Christmas cards yet? Is your tree up (or do you have one)?

2 comments on “Weekly News & Goals – 12/6/10

  1. Carol

    I really enjoyed my conversation with you and Karen Fenech. You guys rock!

    Another impressive list for the week. Why do I get the feeling that even when you’re feeling ill you still get more accomplished than I do? 🙂

    Good luck on your goals Jamie!

  2. Jamie DeBree

    The scary thing is, I’m actually on track this week. We’ll see if I can stay that way or not. 😉

    Although, have to cross the card newsletter off, on account of we don’t actually have a printer hooked up right now (and due to the weather, which is a long story, probably won’t until it’s too late to send Christmas cards). So no family newsletter this year, which I’m sure half of the family doesn’t care about, and the other half will be sad not to get. C’est la vie.