Weekly News & Goals – 2/14/11

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate, and to those who don’t, feel free to have some chocolate or candy anyways. My husband and I don’t do much (why wait for one day to show/tell someone you love them?), but he is taking me to Dairy Queen for dinner (asked me a month ago if I wanted to go on Valentine’s Day), so I’ll be enjoying a Blizzard (Oreo is my favorite) at some point in time today. Bliss!

I am holding a Valentine’s Day contest over at the Snake Bites blog – if you’re reading this before noon Mountain time (11am Pacific, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern), there’s still time to enter. Show me your covers, or sign up for my newsletters for a chance to win…international participants welcome.

I’ve about exhausted the Romantic Suspense series, I think, so I’ll be taking this Wednesday off, and starting next week, Wednesday’s will be guest author days, featuring a guest post or interview. If you’re interested in participating, catch up with me via email, twitter or FB, and we’ll work out the details.

This week I am starting a collaborative blog series with fellow Montana writer and historical fiction author Carol Buchanan on writing sex scenes (Sex on the Page). We are going to discuss in-depth the whys, whens and hows of writing sex, complete with examples to demonstrate different heat levels. Carol will be posting on Tuesdays at her blog, Writing Near the Swan Range , and I’ll be continuing the discussion here on Thursdays, so be sure to check both posts out for the next eight weeks for what I suspect will be a very rousing discussion. The series starts tomorrow on Carol’s blog, so I hope to see you there!

Also starting this week, Saturdays will feature an excerpt for your perusal. No interview, no yammering – just the book cover, an excerpt, and links to purchase the book if you choose (as well as links to contact the author). All different genres will be featured, so I encourage you to take a look and perhaps discover some new authors & reading material. This week’s featured excerpt is from Karma & Melodies by Katie Salidas.

This week on The Variety Pages

Tuesday: Ch. 47 of The Biker’s Wench

Wednesday: Break

Thursday: Sex on the Page – Intro

Friday: Ch. 48 of The Biker’s Wench

Saturday: Featured Excerpt from Katie Salidas

Goal Reports

Last week my major goal was to approach everything with a more “mindful”, focused attitude. That paid off in spades, and I’m now ahead with my serial novels. Good stuff. Unfortunately I’ve been so focused on getting a short story finished that my non-serial draft (TMM) has been languishing, and we can’t have that. It will be on the goal list to catch up this week. I also still need to order business cards (it’s the little things) and catch up on the laundry, but overall, last week went pretty well.

Goals for the Week


  • 4 Serial scenes

  • Finish short story & send to editor

  • Plot out new short story

  • 2500 words on TMM

  • Week 1 course work for How to Write a Series


  • Order business/cover cards

  • Mail out prize package

  • See about uploading books to AllRomance.com


  • Workout three times

  • Laundry

  • Get a hair cut

  • Update nail blog

And that’s it for me! What are you up to this week? Read any good books lately?

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2 comments on “Weekly News & Goals – 2/14/11

  1. Brooklyn Ann

    Happy Valentines Day to you too! I look forward to reading the new blog 🙂

  2. Carol

    Happy Valentine’s Day Jamie!

    Of course the most important thing on your list is “Finish short story & send to editor” 😉

    Really looking forward to your series Sex On the Page!