Weekly News & Goals – 3/27/11

So…last week was kind of an exciting
one in the publishing world, eh? I’m not going to name drop or
anything (did that on the other blog already), but suffice it to say
I read a ton of blog posts last week. To the detriment of my writing,
perhaps (probably) – considering they all pretty much said the same
thing and I’m only just caught up on my writing. But I wouldn’t be a
very good writer if I didn’t gawk at current events, right?

Moving on…

I have postcards with the Tempest
& Desert Heat covers on them – the first I’ve done as
sort of “draft cover cards”. I’ll send these out to anyone
who emails me with your name & address – all stamped and
everything, first come, first serve. I have 6 Desert Heat and
7 Tempest. These are the basis for the cover cards I’m
designing next month, which will have the cover art on the front and
the blurb on the back, with my signature for ebook buyers who still
like to collect cover art. I’m looking forward to the finished

I also got my new mini-card bookmarks
and business cards – all have my covers on them, so if you’d like a
set for yourself or to give away, send a SASE to me at PO Box 21153,
Billings MT, 59104.

So what’s going on this week? Well,
it’s our last week for the “Sex on the Page” series, and
we’re talking about those “Dirty Details” (like bodily
fluids, etc). Visit Carol B.’s blog on Tuesday for her post, and then
stop back here Thursday for my take on the same. More from the ranch
on Wednesday, and on Saturday, an excerpt from a love story by author
Greg Messel.

This Week on The Variety Pages

Monday: Weekly News & Goals
Ch. 58
of The Biker’s Wench
The Fantasy Ranch – Meet
Harley Majors
Sex on the Page – The Dirty
Ch. 59 of The Biker’s Wench
Excerpt by Greg Messel

Goal Reports

Last week was one of those
“barely kept my head above water” weeks. I kept wanting to
get ahead, and never could quite manage to, even though I
ahead. It’s very frustrating. So I got all my serial installments
done, and I managed a workout every day, but that’s it. Like I said,
very frustrating.

the only thing to do is move forward, of course…

Goals for the Week


  • 6
    serial scenes

  • Crits

  • Anything
    extra on two current drafts


  • Write
    two guest posts

  • Fill
    out a long-overdue interview

  • Send
    out package & postcards


  • Keep
    up the workouts.

  • Do
    laundry before 10pm Sunday night

  • Do
    taxes and pay bills

that’s it for me – aiming for moderation this week. What’s on your
plate? Or page, as it were….

3 comments on “Weekly News & Goals – 3/27/11

  1. Carol

    Funny how “barely kept my head above water” to you is a week full of awesomeness to the rest of the us. You’re the most productive person I know. 🙂

    Hope you have another great week!

  2. Brooklyn Ann

    Your insane productivity is a great inspiration to me. This week I’m focusing on keeping my 1K a day average, doing some chapter crits for writing buddies, blog posts, and my weekly article for Writer’s POV magazine. 🙂 Good luck on your goals!

  3. India Drummond

    I honestly don’t know how you do it! I do wish you’d give yourself some credit though. You got a LOT done, and you set yourself some huge goals every week!