Weekly News & Goals – 3/7/11

It’s two weeks ‘til spring, and I’ve got mixed feelings. I am so ready for warm weather it’s not even funny, but at the same time, I hate daylight savings time (creature of the night here), and warmer weather means more stuff to do in terms of house/yard work. Which is really only solvable one way – by making enough money to hire other people to do all that work outside I don’t want to do. That’s not going to happen this year. *sigh*

In any case, I’m getting a late start (as you can see), but hopefully I’ll be caught up tonight and can keep up with the rest of the week. We have a *ton* of stuff going on around here this week…check it out.

This Week on The Variety Pages

Tuesday: Ch. 52 of The Biker’s Wench

Wednesday: Author Interview – Craig Lancaster (literary mastermind)

Thursday: Sex on the Page – Instructions Not Included

Friday: Ch. 53 of The Biker’s Wench

Saturday: Excerpt from The Chosen by Shay Fabbro (fantasy)

Don’t forget to stop by Carol B’s blog on Tuesday for her “Instructions Not Included” post as well…

If you’re interested on how I chose my business name and the snakish portion of my logo, join me Thursday at Beyond the Words , my publishing/marketing blog.

Most of you probably know I write in several genres. I’ve got a new short story out as of last week under my Trinity Marlow pen name called The Entertainer. If you like the spicy bits in my romantic suspense novels, you might want to check it out – it’s .99 cents, and approx. 20 pages. The blurb and purchase links are available at Brazen Snake Books . If you don’t like the spicy bits in my rom. suspense titles (or are sort of “meh” about them), this probably isn’t the story for you.

And last but not least, because it’s easier for me to remember to write a newsletter weekly rather than monthly, Variety News will be going back to weekly issues, one every Sunday. Not only do subscribers get discounts on my books, but I’ll be including some character profiles and the occasional excerpt, plus you get the weekly schedule a day early. You also get more in-depth reports on my WIPs, if you’re interested. Apologies to those of you who prefer not to get a weekly email, but this is easier for me.

Goal Reports

I still wasn’t back at top-speed last week (annoyingly enough), but I did manage to keep up with my serial chapters, and get the short story published, and one crit done. I also got my business site updated (crucial with a new release), and caught up my newsletters and one of the promised guest blog spots taken care of. On the personal front, I finally got my nails done, which feels awesome, paid some bills, and failed miserably on the sleeping part (as usual). Who has time to sleep?

I’ve got a ton of stuff going on this week, but it’s all of my own making, so I can’t complain. The biggest thing is that I’m just 15k away from “The End” on The Biker’s Wench, and this is the part where I get antsy, and just want it finished *yesterday*. I have no patience at all for endings, which is kind of dangerous, really, so I need to really focus on finishing this draft as soon as possible. I think I can have it done in two weeks if I spend some extra time daily working on it, so that’s a big goal for this week. Incidentally, the serial draft will continue to be posted at the same speed – with any luck, the completed story will be out to beta readers before the serial draft finishes up online.

Goals for the Week


– 6 serial scenes (Yes, I am crazy. Why do you ask?)

– As many extra words as possible for TBW

– 1 crit


– Order business cards (thank goodness I still have some…)

– Catch up 2 interviews & send out

– Market 3 currently available books


– Clean house

– Work on some financial stuff

– Finish getting well (dang cough)

So that’s the news around here. My question for you this week – do you like to read short stories? If so, what kind (genres) do you read?

And of course – what’s happening in your world?

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