Weekly News & Goals – 5/9/11

The second week of May, and still dreary around here. I’m so ready for some sunshine, and I hope that wherever you are, you have more than we do. It would just be too depressing for everyone to have bad weather.

Despite the weather, we’re definitely headed into a seasonal shift here on the blog. If you haven’t been reading the serial novel, I finished the draft last Friday (hooray!). I don’t think I can properly express how happy I am to have it completed after nearly a year’s worth of drafting time. Because I’m on a deadline with it, I need to get the preliminary revisions done this week so I can hand it off to my editor. If you think that’s fast, check out Wednesday’s post on my Finishing Process, and why I’m accelerating things with confidence.

In any case, I won’t be starting a new serial right away so I have time to get these revisions done. Instead, join me Friday for a discussion on serials, and vote for what you’d like to read next. The next serial here will not be a Fantasy Ranch novel…but I will be starting a new FR serial at FantasyRanchNovels.com in a couple weeks. You can pop over there on Tuesday for a discussion about that, and a sneak peak at the new paperback cover for The Biker’s Wench.

I’ve also changed out the blog calendar to include the Fantasy Ranch blog and Beyond the Words, my publishing/marketing blog.

For the summer, I’ll be scaling back to three posts per week – M/W/F. If you’d like to guest post on T/Th, or post an excerpt of your book on Saturday (all genres welcome), please email me to schedule a date.

This Week on The Variety Pages

Wednesday: Writing Notes – The Finishing Process

Friday: Talking Serials – What’s Next?


Tuesday: New Serial Announcement & Cover Art at Fantasy Ranch Novels

Thursday: Business Ebb & Flow at Beyond the Words

As an aside, my books are now available at All Romance Ebooks – so yet another way to purchase.

Goal Reports

Last week was rather productive, if I do say so myself. I did skip one serial post for my thriller blog because I was having a hard time with the plot, but it happens. I’m back on track now, which is what matters. Most importantly, as I mentioned above, the draft of The Biker’s Wench is done, which really kind of overshadows anything else. There’s nothing like the feeling of finishing a novel draft, IMO.

On the business front, I didn’t make too much progress – day job issues pretty much stripped every extra ounce of creativity I had and after I got my words in, I just didn’t have much left for business. I did get my books uploaded to All Romance, added some sample covers and an editing graphic to the author services packages, and started prepping the business cards for services.

As for personal goals, the only thing I really got done was turning in the loan application, and that took up a good chunk of time on Monday. The good news is, it’s approved, so we’ll be getting our home improvement projects done this summer. Very groovy.

Goals for the Week


  • 4 serial scenes (for the erotica/thriller blogs)

  • 3k words on IYD (thriller short)

  • Revise TBW and send off to editor

  • Decide on the next serial story


  • Upload books to Xcite.com

  • Finish Author Services cards & order

  • Finish Author Services sample package

  • Daily marketing tasks


  • Stop all writing/business by midnight so I can have more reading time.

  • Be in bed by 1:00am nightly

  • Workout 3x

  • Laundry 3x

  • Clean out the main fridge/freezer (ugh!)

That’s what I’m up to this week – any big plans on your horizon?

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4 comments on “Weekly News & Goals – 5/9/11

  1. Carol

    Okay, you said: The next serial here will not be a Fantasy Ranch novel does this mean you’re going to have something else here, making that four serials on the go at one time? Sweet!

    We finally have our sun here and the greening has begun (that time of year where first you just notice buds on the trees and then suddenly everything’s green).

    I’m hoping to have a productive week. Maybe not quite as productive as yours is shaping up to be, but I’m getting there. 😉

  2. Jamie DeBree

    Yep…you read correctly. I’m going to make a valiant attempt at writing more words per day to ramp up production. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m optimistic.

    BTW – for anyone seeing that “submitted comments subject to moderation note” – after you post once, your comments won’t be moderated in the future. I just had to turn that on because I’m getting *pummeled* with spam, and this is an easy way to deal with it. I’ve tried to “pre-approve” most of you who post on a regular basis, so your comments should show up within a few minutes, as always.

  3. Brooklyn Ann

    My goal is to pass the halfway mark in the revisions for An Ironic Sacrifice

  4. Jamie D.

    I meant to comment on this earlier – good luck! Hope you make it…