Weekly News & Goals

Lots of fun stuff going on around here this week! I’ve got another “He Said/She Said” interview ready for Wednesday, and on Thursday, Kait Nolan joins us on her blog tour for Forsaken By Shadow, her recent novella release. Read the first three chapters here , and buy a copy for $1 (links at the bottom of the sample page). Kait will be giving a copy away on Thursday too, so be sure to stop in and chat!

Also on Thursday, Keli Gwyn is interviewing me at Romance Writers on the Journey, so after you visit with Kait, stop over and tell me what your favorite type of romance hero is…

This Week on The Variety Pages

Monday: News & Goals
Tuesday: Construction Zone – Plotting on the Fly
Wednesday: He Said/She Said with Adam & Rhaina
Thursday: Kait Nolan on “Page Fright”
Friday: Ch. 18 of Indelibly Inked

Goal Report

I finished the revisions on Ch. 3 of HPC this week. Working on revisions earlier in the evening is definitely working better. I got some new words in on HOT as well, so a good writing week all around, if a little slow. It was crazy busy at work, which affects how much brain power I have left to devote to writing, unfortunately. Hopefully it will be slower this week. I won’t get any writing time on Tuesday night because hubby and I are headed to the “Gruesome Twosome” concert (Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper – should be a good time). I’ll try to get some revision time in on Monday to make up for it.

As for personal goals, I still haven’t started my cucumbers & marigolds. I think at this point, I’ll just start the cukes, and sow the marigolds directly. The house isn’t any cleaner, but I did get Goodreads updated and the guest posts done, so the important things were completed. Hubby’s headed out of town for a few days on Friday, so I should be able to make some good goal progress while it’s just me rattling around here.

Weekly Goals


– Revise Ch. 4 of HPC
– 1k new words for HOT
– Start revisions of Tempest (if time)
– Ch. 18 of Indelibly Inked


– Start those cucumbers
– Clean out the garden beds and plant beans/peas/marigolds
– Weed the flower beds, and scatter zinnia seeds
– Clean house (you know, if there’s time)

That’s what’s going on around here this week – what are you up to? Read any good books lately?

6 comments on “Weekly News & Goals

  1. Adam

    Looking forward to seeing mine and Rhaina’s post up on Wednesday!

    Good luck with your goals!


  2. Dolly

    What in the world is Cukes??

    Looking forward to Adam and Rhaina’s post. Always like poking my nose into other people’s business – especially in the romantic stories. 😉

    Good luck with your goals, Jamie. Hope work weeks is better.

  3. Carol

    Hope you have lots of fun at the concert!

    Looks like you’ve got a lot on the go, as usual. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the He said/She said post this week.

  4. Jamie DeBree

    Cukes = cucumbers for lazy typers. LOL

    Thanks – you too! 🙂

  5. Jamie DeBree

    Thanks Carol. Looking forward to “getting in touch with my primal side” for an evening. Think my brain could use the break. 😉