Weekly News & Goals 6/20/11

If you were hanging around Facebook or
Twitter yesterday, you may have seen my inquiry about a weekly
wrap-up post listing out all of the places I’ve posted in
the last week. Several people expressed interest, so on Sundays I’ll
post a link list called the “Weekly Archive”. Yesterday’s post
included the links broken up into categories, and a link to my Tumblr
blog “scrapbook” as well. I think next week I’ll go ahead and
link to some of the Tumblr links of interest as well.

Those on my newsletter list received
the weekly archive via email, and I’m going to send that out weekly
as well. The newsletter will include the archive, as well as the next
week’s schedule and basic news. Apologies to those who get the
information twice, but it seems like a good way to spread the
information around without assuming everyone’s reading/following
the blog.

Also, the W.I.P. Newscast at SnakeBites is going to just one news cast per month due to a drop in views
for the videos. I think it will be more popular as a “novelty”

Shay Fabbro will join us on Tuesday for
an author interview – I hope you’ll drop in to meet her!

This week on The Variety Pages

Tuesday: Interview with Shay Fabbro

Wednesday: Writing Notes – Epilogues

Thursday: Code Name: Succulent –

Friday: Chapter 6 of Falling in

Saturday: Excerpt from Kat Gilraine

Sunday: Weekly Archive


Tea reviews at Tea on Tap (Mon/Weds)

Chapter 6 of The Minister’s Maid
at FantasyRanchNovels.com (Tues)

Design of the Week at Nail Art Tuesday

Web Store – Yea or Nay? at Beyond theWords (Thurs)

Progress report at Body in Motion (Sun)

Goal Reports

Last week was pretty much a
wash…mainly because when you decide to shake up your life like a
snow globe, flakes don’t always fall where you want them too.
Hormones had a lot to do with it too – attitude is everything when
you’re trying to move forward. I did manage to keep from going
backward though, so it’s all good. This week should be much better
in terms of productivity.


  • Finish current erotic short serial

  • Five serial scenes

  • Finish edits for The Biker’s


  • Pick up the marketing a bit

  • Update web sites

  • ISBN assignments for TBW

  • Post free stories

  • Stay up on the bookkeeping


  • 6 workouts for the week

  • Cup of tea nightly before bed
    (green/white/something I don’t normally drink during the day)

  • Shut down by 12:30am Tues – Fri
    to read ½ hr before bed.

  • Clean off dining room table

  • Catch up on serial blog novel
    reading I’ve been missing lately

That’s my week – lots going on, but
plenty of fun stuff mixed with the necessary stuff, so groovy all
around. What are you up to this week?

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2 comments on “Weekly News & Goals 6/20/11

  1. Carol

    Even though I refer back to your Weekly Goals post I still manage to miss the odd thing here and there so I’m very happy to see your Weekly Archive.

    I think you missed something on your to-do list though – take some time to enjoy the summer. 😀

  2. Jamie DeBree

    Eh, summer is pretty much the same as winter around here – the only time off work I’ll get is the week I take when they re-side our house. I’m not an “outdoorsy” sort (or all that social in real life), so it’s not like I’m going looking for BBQ’s and such. LOL

    I’m sure we’ll catch a car show here and there. 😉