Weekly News & Goals 6/21/10

You may have noticed or read in the newsletter that the next chapter of The Biker’s Wench (TBW) isn’t quite ready yet. It’s mainly because a blog-sized installment is just not really big enough to post over there, and I want to have the whole first chapter up to post next. I’ll have it done by next Sunday at the latest, maybe sooner…I think I’ve found a way to feed my Scribd document announcements through Tumblr to Twitter & Facebook, so whenever I get it posted you should see a notice “somewhere”. Thanks for your patience – I’m really excited about this story, even though the longer chapters mean slightly longer waits for the reader. Hopefully I can make it worth the wait.

Other than that, everything went pretty smoothly last week I think, and this week I have some topics I hope will be interesting for discussion around here.

Topics This Week

Tuesday: Construction Zone – Banishing Repetitive Pronouns
Wednesday: Everyday Romance – My Chemical Romance
Thursday: (MySpace VP Lite) – Mood Music
Friday: Chapter 25 of Indelibly Inked
Saturday: Notable Posts & Books

Goal Reports

On the writing front – aside from being behind on The Biker’s Wench, things are still going pretty smoothly. The mark-ups on Tempest are almost done, and I plan to start the actual edits this week. So that’s exciting. Her Private Chef is going slowly but surely, and now that I’m getting comfortable with a more descriptive style of writing, I’m going to push a little harder to increase the productivity on that. I’m averaging around 250-300 words for my 1/2 hour right now on that…going to try for 500 words per 1/2 hour this week. Good words, of course. I won’t be rewriting this a third time.

On the personal front – I failed pretty miserably last week. No workouts, no laundry, no menu planning, and I didn’t even get the web site updated. Why? I could give you a whole list of excuses, but none of them are any good, so we’ll just chalk it up to mismanaged time and call it good. No point in lamenting it, just have to move forward and start over this week. I did sign up at a weight-loss social site (who knew?), and started tracking my weight, my calories, and my exercise. There’s a blog to go with it (of course), but they won’t let you comment unless you’re a member (which is silly, I think). In any case, if you want to read/follow my weight loss efforts, head over to The Longevity Project – the posts aren’t scheduled or about writing there, just random musings on food, exercise and trying to get healthy/fit. 

Goals for the Week


– 500 words in 1/2 hr daily for Her Private Chef rewrite
– Finish up Tempest mark-ups and start the write in
– Finish/publish chapter 1 of The Biker’s Wench
– Chapter 25 of Indelibly Inked


– Update the web site
– Meal planning/tracking
– Exercise/laundry
– Get to bed by midnight

That’s the scoop around here for the week – what are you up to? Read any good books lately?

6 comments on “Weekly News & Goals 6/21/10

  1. Dolly

    Glad to hear general writing/editing is going smoothly. I hope to get back into the groove, but even out of the groove, I was still writing bits and pieces, so that’s something.

    Weight Loss!! URGH — I really wish they invent those magic pills soon. Haven’t exercised for ages, really need to get into that. I think I need some amazing motivation internally, as external ones aren’t working. Kind of like motivation for writing…hmm…not getting it yet.

  2. Carol

    Sure, hook us on a new story and then make us wait! :-p

    Okay, I guess I can put up with extended wait times if it means longer chapters. Glad to see your writing is going so well.

  3. Jamie D.

    I hope you get your writing groove back, Dolly…sucks when it takes a hiatus, but “groovy” that you were still working anyways.

    Gah on the weight loss. Theoretically, I have plenty of internal motivation, but when it gets right down to it, I guess it isn’t enough. I’m going to have to just get back in the habit…the hardest part is getting started, I need to just be tough with myself.

    I don’t feel very tough tonight though… *eyeroll*

  4. Jamie D.

    Sorry about that, Carol.  Only one person commented anyways, so I figured it wasn’t that big of a deal. It will be kind of fun posting chapters instead though, just takes me a bit longer.

    I hope you’re getting your groove back this week too!

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  6. Karen Strong


    You are so organized! I just started back making daily lists and it’s helping me with my writing a LOT. Now that the day job is calming down, I may actually be able to accomplish something this summer!

    Good luck on the weight loss journey. I’m right there with you. 🙂 Lost 15 lbs so far.