Weekly News & Goals 6/26/11

There’s been a whirlwind of activity
behind the scenes lately as I prepare The Biker’s Wench for
release. Day job stress isn’t helping with that at all, but I’m
still cruisin’ along. I’m happy to say that the edits are done,
ISBN’s have been assigned, and I’ve set up a Goodreads giveawayfor 5 ARC’s that should be starting today (pending GR approval).
I’m going to see about setting up a Library Thing giveaway for
ebooks next weekend. I’ll be setting up a pre-order link for signed
print copies later this week.

FantasyRanchNovels.com and
JamieDeBree.com have both been updated, and the first three chapters
of The Biker’s Wench are now available free in .pdf format –
feel free to pass them around at will.

Whew! Lots of stuff, like I said, but
good, fun stuff. It’s always exciting to release another book, and
I’m doubly excited about this one because it’s the start of a
series that I hope I’ll be writing for a long time.

With all that out of the way for now,
here’s the line-up for this week:

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Goal Reports

The serial scenes all got done, as did
the edits for TBW, so that was all good. The erotic short still isn’t
finished, and it’s not my fault, dang it. The beauty of
self-publishing is that I don’t have to hold myself to any specific
word count, which is a darn good thing here, because these characters
simply need the time to work through all this emotional hoopla. Yes,
erotica is all about the sex, but in my world, sex and emotion go
together, no matter what. So while this book is due out in July, I’m
not forcing it to conform to specific rules just to suit my
publishing schedule. Still, it’s irritating that it isn’t done

I got about half of what I wanted to
done on the business end. I wanted to pick up my promotion a bit, but
the day job soundly got in the way of that. Coming home after a
super-stressful day does not lead to feeling social for me – it
makes me want to hide from the world, and hide I did. I also failed
to get my free flash posted, and let the bookkeeping slide. But
making good headway on web site updates and getting the back-end
stuff done on TBW was still good progress.

My personal goals went okay – I
worked out five days for the week, and caught up on my serial
reading, but otherwise let the rest slide.

I’m in for another stressful week at
work, so while I’d like to be optimistic, I’m afraid it’s going
to be more of the same for the next few days at least. But hopefully
things will get better in July, and I can go back to my normal,
happily semi-social self.

Goals for the Week


  • 5 serial scenes

  • Write out quick synopsis for two
    new stories (to get them out of my head)

  • Beta read an ms for a friend


  • Format TBW for print, upload files

  • Order ARC’s of TBW

  • Figure out LibraryThing’s ebook

  • Ebook formatting for TBW

  • Start submitting TBW to review

  • Update BSB web site/store


  • Workout 6 times

  • Weed for 1 hour

  • Try to stay calm & focused at

  • Leave work at work in the evenings
    – no bringing the stress home

That’s what’s going on around here.
What’s up with you? Any big news? Little news? Gossip?

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