Weekly News & Goals 6/6/11 (w/video)

It just occurred to me that 6/6/66 is
going to be a very interesting day, psychologically speaking. If I
live to be 91 years old, I’ll be able to experience it first-hand.
Perhaps I should write a story set on that day. If I make it that
long, I could see if the fantasy lives up to the reality. By then,
maybe 90 will be the new 50, right?

But I digress…

If you missed it, last week Heidi
finished up the cover for the new blog serial draft, Falling in
It’s just absolutely
perfect, and really captures the “Hollywood” vibe that I want for
this novel. Fabulous work as usual from My Creative Pursuits!

been thinking about podcasting lately. I started to type out my
thoughts on it here, and realized it would make this post several
hundred words longer than it needed to be. So stop in tomorrow for my
podcast ruminations (in text form, which is rather ironic, I think),
and to share your thoughts on the medium as a whole.

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The Minister’s Maid
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this week’s W.I.P. News cast if you missed it on the other blog:

Goal Reports

I’m not ashamed to admit I pretty
much sucked in terms of getting my goals done last week. I kept up
with the serial novels and that’s really about it. I’m really
hoping to cross off the bulk of my business goals this week, because
it’s so much easier to just keep up than to catch up. I do think
I’ve hit a personal limitation (see next Thursday’s post at BTW)
with regards to writing, which is annoying. But things are still
moving forward, even though “turtle” seems to be my speed setting
at the moment.

Goals for the Week


  • 5 serial
    scenes, plus reevaluate the TMM scene for this week.

  • 2k on my
    thriller short

  • Finish the
    scripts for Office Gossip

  • Clean up a few old flash fiction stories I have, and post them for
    free at the Brazen Snake site


  • Finish
    samples for author services

  • Add
    to web sites

  • Buy a new
    block of ISBN numbers

  • Finish
    up promo items for Author

  • Update
    profile at Independent
    Author Network

  • Daily promo

  • Catch up

  • Finish
    production on

  • Fill
    out an interview I was sent last week

  • Send
    out interview questions to an author I’ll feature next week


  • 3 workouts

  • Laundry.
    Laundry. Laundry.

  • Pull more
    weeds (ugh!)

  • Quit working
    by 12:30am to read. (I’m really going to get serious about this
    one. I need more sleep, and knocking off work by 12:30 I could be
    sleeping around 1a.m. If I know it’s a hard and fast rule, I’ll
    be more diligent in getting stuff done earlier.)

That’s it for me
this week. I’m taking Friday off from the day job (a long story
involving the gas company, our meter, and all the recent flooding
around here), so that will give me a good chunk of day time to catch
up on business-type stuff.

What’s on
your plate this week? Writing/business/personal – do tell me I’m
not the only one wading through a mile-long list at the moment…

If you’ve commented here before, your
comment should show up within a few minutes. If you’re new, I’ll
need to approve your comment this time before it’s posted, but
after that you’ll be able to post without approval.

5 comments on “Weekly News & Goals 6/6/11 (w/video)

  1. Ardee-ann Eichelmann

    I have many, many goals for this week. If I can just stay ahead of total exhaustion I might achieve some of them.

    Writing ~ I finally have a hard copy of my novel for work on edits from it. I need to get photocopies made so I will have a copy to work with, my editor will have a copy to work with and I will have a clean copy still. I have to get together the money to make the photocopies but then should be able to do “deeper” edits on my book.

    I am seriously considering serializing my book and then publishing it as an eBook. I have realized that I wrote a story not a novel but that is okay because I am a story teller not necessarily a novel writer. There really is a difference.

    Business ~ not much to do there, it is tied up in the writing part.

    Personal ~ get doctor appointments scheduled, do laundry (trip to laundromat), work on decluttering.

    I need to catch up on my blog too. That can be personal or writing oriented depending on the day. LOL!

    I am already tired thinking about the week ahead.


  2. Brooklyn Ann

    Whew! It’s the last week of school for my kids so I’m hoping to get a lot done. I need to write at least 2 blog posts, court at least 2 guest posters for the next few weeks, celebrate my husband’s birthday today, and get more revisions done on other projects.

  3. Jamie DeBree

    Oh good – so I’m not alone then. LOL

    Thanks ladies…I hope you both get all the stuff you need to get done too!

    And happy birthday to your hubby, Brooklyn (belated though it is). 🙂

  4. Jamie D.