Weekly News & Goals

It looks like the new posting schedule is a success, and thanks to everyone who stopped by for the first Everyday Romance post. I’ve got more stories like that coming up! This week, the first “He Said/She Said” interview that I think you’ll really enjoy (I know I enjoyed reading it).

I’m glad you all enjoy the Notable Posts so much – thanks for the great comments. I’m trying to pick a good mix of posts for readers, writers, and some just for fun, so hopefully there’s a little something for everyone.

If you’re looking for something to read, check out Samantha Hunter’s new release, Make Your Move – available in both print and ebook from Harlequin. I’ve read it – it’s excellent. Read it with frosted cookies nearby….

This Week on The Variety Pages

Monday: News & Goals
Tuesday: Construction Zone – How Writing is Like Math
Wednesday: Everyday Romance – He Said/She Said, Brooklyn & Damian
Friday: Chapter 17 of Indelibly Inked
Saturday: Notable Posts

As for the goals – those were kind of “iffy” last week. I made decent progress, but hit stumbling blocks with both my serial novel and HPC that slowed me down more than I would have liked. I also realized that trying to do these major revisions on HPC late at night is really not working. Late night, my creativity is pretty high, but that’s not what I need for revising. For revisions, I need logic and analytical thinking – and I’m best at that in the afternoon, unfortunately. I’m going to try to work on my revisions earlier in the day/evening, and see if that will help. I’ll move the draft of Hearts on Trial into the late night “creative” slot for drafting, and see how that works. That’s the thing about working with your own natural “flow” – sometimes it takes awhile to get it right.

Weekly Goals


– Finish revisions for Ch. 3 & 4 on HPC
– Finish revised outline for Tempest
– Draft 1000 more words for Hearts on Trial
– Ch. 17 of Indelibly Inked


– Start the cucumbers/marigolds for the garden
– Complete & send in interview questions for blog interview
– Write guest post for another blog
– Vacuum (to make room for more dog hair)
– Clean off the dining room table (haven’t seen it in weeks)
– Update Goodreads (I’m behind again)

That’s it for me – what are you up to this week? Read any good books lately?

12 comments on “Weekly News & Goals

  1. Dolly

    I don’t know whether I feel envy or relief when I hear people talk of their most productive timings for various things, because as yet, I don’t have any such thing. I have attempted to think about it – but so far I have found that I can be productive any time of the day, and I can be equally unproductive and lazy at any time of the day too. But if I have some “power hours” I would love to know when they are. Though with a full-time job, it doesn’t do to be too fussy about that.

    I am really looking forward to the construction zone post for this week. Sounds intriguing. 🙂

    And enjoying everyday romance series. Also, thank you again for doing the guest post on my blog. 🙂

  2. Meg

    I’m scared to see how writing is like math.

    Highly intrigued as well!

  3. Cynthia Reese

    Samantha Hunter has to be one of the most encouraging pubbed authors to would-be writers. I remember in my pre-pubbed days how she went out of her way to motivate me. While the two of us write in far, far different sub-genres, she does hers with style and flair, and if you like Harlequin Blaze books, you should definitely check out Sam!

  4. Cindy R. Wilson

    Lol about the dog hair!

    My biggest goal this week is to finish my WIP. However, the more I write, the further I realize I have to go. I estimated finishing it up at about 80 k words but now I’m thinking it might be longer. We’ll see. Have a good week!

  5. Carol

    Your every day romance series got off to a great start last week – can’t wait for this week’s post!

    Looks like you’re uber-organized (as always). Good luck with all those goals. 🙂

  6. Samantha Hunter

    Glad to hear you are catching up and things are working — me, too. Was like I was in a complete stall for about 2 weeks, and now things are moving again — a little too fast, because I have a ton to catch up on. It will probably take me all of May to do all I want to get done, though there are a few critical things that have to get done this week and next.

    In the meanwhile, I have stacked up a few good mysteries and started Shelia Lowe’s Dead Write last night, but it’s a print book, and I have to admit, even with my reading glasses, so much harder to read than the Kindle books, it makes it very discouraging to continue. I am tempted to just re-buy it on Kindle. I have two other print books (mysteries) that I want to read, but I really hate reading print these days…

    I will be really ready for the June vacation when it comes around!


  7. Jamie D.

    I hear you on the not being too fussy about “power hours”…but I do notice patterns throughout the day of when certain tasks are easier/harder for me depending on the time. I just try to take advantage of them as much as I can…seems like any little thing I can do to help myself out would be good…

    And thanks for hosting me on your blog – it was fun! I should post a list of links to my guest posts somewhere…they’re all so different, people might be interested.

  8. Jamie D.

    Intrigued is good, Meg – though I was quite frightened myself.

  9. Jamie D.

    I love her books – met her on twitter while reading one of her books. She’s just genuinely all around fun…and her NCIS obsession at the moment is just cracking me up. LOL

  10. Jamie D.

    It’s always something, right?

    Good luck with the WIP! Feel free to join us on twitter if you want some “real time” support in getting that finished. You’d be amazed at how motivating it is….

  11. Jamie D.

    Thanks Carol. I know this is really late, but good luck with yours too. I hope you’re having a stellar week!

  12. Jamie D.

    Thanks Sam – and woot that you’re moving again too! You’ll get it all done though, I have faith.

    I’ve been tempted to “re-buy” several books as ebooks lately…honestly, I don’t think I’d read much print at all anymore if it weren’t for wanting to share certain books with hubby. Ebooks are just so much more convenient for me, even though I love seeing the print books on the shelves (tables, whatever. *ahem*).

    And to think I once vowed that I’d never be comfortable reading on a screen… LOL