Weekly News & Goals 7/11/11

Felt like I should get a Slurpee when I
typed out today’s date…mmm…slurpees…

If you missed it, I have ARC’s of The
Biker’s Wench
, and will be sending those out this week. The
Goodreads giveaway to win one of five goes until Wednesday, so plenty
of time to sign up if you’d like! I’m going to go through it this
week and make sure I didn’t make any super-huge mistakes, but a
quick flip-through confirmed that unlike previous books, there are no
transposed or repeat chapters, which is a relief. All I’m doing now
is checking for missed typos and such (caught a few more while

The pre-order links for signed copies
will be in the Brazen Snake Books shop by Tuesday, and when you
pre-order the paperback, you’ll get the ebook free (and immediately
via download link). I have approved the paperback for sale on
Amazon/Barnes & Noble, but please note that if you buy a copy
from one of those sites this week, it will be the ARC copy, and may
change between now and the official July 29th release
date. I just did it that way so I could order more ARC’s to send
out. The ebook will be available Tuesday in the BSB store, and I’ll
start uploading it to other venues around the 20th. Yes, I
know I’m early, but there’s really no reason to wait, and I have
another book to put out this month for the erotica pen name, so may as
well get this one finished up and out to readers, right?

Prices are $9.99 (plus shipping) for
trade paperback (B&N has it listed for $8.99), and $.99
introductory price for the ebook (limited time offer!). Prices for
paperbacks bought directly from me through the BSB shop will be $7.99
(plus shipping), and always include a free digital copy.

I’ll have some release day goodies to
give away on the FantasyRanchNovels.com site on July 29th
– should be fun!

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Goal Reports

The goals last week were hit and miss –
as the day job goes, so does my mental capacity, and it was difficult
to keep up with my serial chapters toward the end of the week. But I
managed to finish the erotic short that’s been dragging on, so that
was good. I also got a good start on the ms I’m beta-ing at the
moment, so that’s good too. Aside from getting TBW formatted for
print and the ARC’s in, the business stuff pretty well got pushed
aside in favor of more mind-numbing but ultimately relaxing things
(like FB games and hobby stuff). And that’s what I needed after the
work day, so I can’t really regret the time.

I got three out of my five workouts in,
and started a new crochet project, which was fun. Nice to know I
remember, even though it’s been awhile.

Regardless of how this week goes, I
really need to attend to some business stuff. Like an ebook
for TBW, and sales links for the same. Lots of beta reading this week

Goals for the Week


  • Write three serial chapters

  • Start a new erotica serial

  • Finish 2 beta reads, start a third


  • Ebook formatting for TBW

  • Sale links for TBW on the BSB site

  • Bookkeeping

  • Send review requests and review
    copies out

  • Finish submissions page for BSB


  • Finish moving all contact info
    from PDA to tablet.

  • Sleep more than 4 hours a night

  • Keep tracking workouts/food in
    Noom app (handy little thing, seriously)

  • Catch up on GR reviews

That’s it for me this week. What’s
on your plate? Anything succulent?

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3 comments on “Weekly News & Goals 7/11/11

  1. Dolly

    Congratulations for another book :-))

    Good luck with goals. Honestly, I don’t know how you manage to do all of it with so little sleep.

    I’ve drastically reduced my goals to focus on writing stuff, and it’s working. I find narrowing my focus has helped because of my lack of time. At least I can see more progress now.

  2. Ardee-ann Eichelmann

    TBW looks SO good. I am so excited for you to be holding ARCs in your hot little hands!!! WOOT!!! You have gotten a lot done and have quite a load on your plate for this week. I do hope you get more than 4 hours of sleep a night. Lawdy, I’d be dead if that’s all I got, although, back in the day I often slept less than that and thought that 4 hours of sleep was a GOOD night’s sleep. I was crazy back then too. LOL!!!!!

    Have a super week and enjoy the process.



  3. Jamie DeBree

    Thanks ladies. 🙂 I shouldn’t have made that sleep goal…have only managed 3.5 hours the last two nights. *eyeroll* Jinxed myself, it seems. Good grief.

    I had to do that too, Dolly – for two years, and it was definitely worth it. Just need some variety now…I was getting too boring with the “all-writing, all the time” thing. Hubby’s happier now that I have a bigger range of conversational topics. Well, that and I’m playing games with him again. LOL

    Hope both of you have a very productive week as well! 🙂