Weekly News & Goals 7/18/11

Most of you probably have seen/read
elsewhere that my day job has been incredibly demanding lately (if
not, now you know). When I get home at night, I have limited brain
power left to do much of anything…blogging/writing included, and I haven’t been feeling all that social (so twitter/FB/G+ are pretty low on my priority list at the moment). I’m
not currently behind, but it’s the start of the week, and I have no
idea how stressful things are going to be just yet. So if I miss a
post or two here and there for the next couple of weeks, just know
that it’s probably because something had to give, and writing comes
before blog posts. As far as serial fiction goes – that’s number
one on my lists, so those will continue as normal. I have no
intention of letting the stories get behind if I can at all avoid it
(not just for your sakes, dear readers, but for my own sanity as

Luckily, I have an interview for you
this week from Denise Grover Swank, and an excerpt of her new book to
post on Saturday. So there’s two posts I guarantee you won’t want
to miss.

This Week on The
Variety Pages

Tuesday: Interview with Denise
Grover Swank

Wednesday: Writing Notes –

Thursday: Code Name: Succulent –
Priorities & “Fun”

Friday: Chapter 10 of Falling
in Public

Saturday: Excerpt from
Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swank


Chapter 10 of The Minister’s Maid at Fantasy
Ranch Novels

New design at NailArt

Sales Report for June at Beyond
the Words

Tea review at Tea onTap

Progress Report at Body
in Motion

Goal Reports

I’m just going to ignore the fact
that I had goals last week – honestly, there’s no point in
rehashing, since the day job thing pretty much obliterated my chances
of reaching them. New week, fresh new goal list. Sometimes
all you can do is move forward.

Goals for the Week


  • Five serial chapters

  • Edits to latest erotica short

  • Finish two beta reads, start the


  • Mail out ARC’s (today!)

  • Finish formatting TBW & upload

  • Update web sites

  • Catch up bookkeeping for June


  • Workout 4 nights

  • Make time to read

  • Decompress when needed

That’s my list for the week – how’s
your week shaping up? Anything fun in the works?

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