Weekly News & Goals 7/4/11

To my fellow Americans, Happy
Independence Day! Careful not to set anything on fire tonight, K?

This whole “spend time doing
non-writing things” has thrown me for a loop…made more difficult
than it needed to be by the decision to transition all of my
organizational stuff from my beloved Palm TX to a new tablet
computer, home screen shown above (Acer Iconia A500). As so many
things do, this all started with a great Costco deal…gotta love
that store. Anyways, more on that Thursday when I reveal my secret
for getting things done and having time leftover. A word of warning
though – if you aren’t the routine/schedule oriented type, the
post will probably just make you either shake your head, or cuss me
out. So read at your own risk (I will have some cool app
recommendations, for anyone using an android operating system).

In other news, the Goodreads giveaway
for The Biker’s Wench is in full swing, so feel free to sign
up if you’d like the chance to win a print copy. I finished
formatting the print version yesterday and submitted it to the
printer for review, so barring any major issues with my files, I
should have the first copies late next week. Exciting! I’ll be
getting the ebooks formatted this week, and submitted to review sites
as time permits. Watch for the pre-order link at the BSB store in the
next day or so. Signed paperbacks will be $9.99 each plus shipping,
and will include a free copy of the ebook.

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Goal Reports

Some of you may have noticed I was
running behind pretty much all week last week. It started off pretty
badly, and while it did get better, my focus really didn’t. I got
the essentials done, and that’s about it as far as writing/business
goals went. Personal goals were pretty much a wash – I did weed for
an hour, but sadly, that’s about it for that too.

However, as mentioned above, I did do a
lot of re-organizing and schedule-refining. It’s very
time-consuming to move and basically rebuild a system that’s been
in place for….well, heck, I can’t even remember how many years,
and some things got lost in the shuffle (others got purposefully left
out or dropped, which was good). But I finished up the last of that
last night, so I anticipate a much smoother week ahead.

Goals for the Week


  • Complete all 5 serial scenes ahead
    of time

  • Beta read MS


  • Order ARC’s of The Biker’s

  • Put up pre-order link for signed

  • List Library Thing ebook giveaway

  • Send review copies of TBW out

  • Finish Author Services FAQ page

  • Finish submissions page

  • Catch up with bookkeeping


  • Workout 5 nights

  • Weed 1 hour

  • Get to bed by 1am

  • Pick an easy pattern and start a
    crochet project

That’s the news from up here –
what’s your week look like? Anything fun and exciting? Read any
good books lately?

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2 comments on “Weekly News & Goals 7/4/11

  1. Carol

    I can see you’re having lots of fun with your new tablet. 🙂 Have you got a name for it yet? I think for me the hardest thing to get used to would be the touch screen – I don’t even use the touch panel on my laptop. LOL

  2. Suzanne

    Good goals. I like how you did that. I was just making a list for goals for the year but starting by week is much better. I need to get to bed by 1 too! Good luck to both of us on that!