Weekly News & Goals

Welcome to the first week of the new posting schedule – no posts on Thursday or Sundays from this point on. Which means you get a quick run-down of the blog news on Monday along with my goals list.

I’m starting a new weekly post topic on Wednesday called “Everyday Romance” that will feature real-life stories of love and romance, along with tips to keep the romance alive in your own relationships. I hope you’ll join us – this week I’m featuring a guest post by Kristen Lamb, who inspired me to start this ongoing series for romance readers. I have a few more guest posts lined up too, one in a “he said/she said” format that I think will be very entertaining.

This Week on The Variety Pages

Monday: News & Goals
Tuesday: Construction Zone – Names in Dialogue
Wednesday: Everyday Romance – A Perfect “Match”
Friday: Chapter 16 of Indelibly Inked
Saturday: Notable Posts

Also on Friday – I’m guest posting at Writer Revealed on why I write romance, so stop by and say “Hi”!

Now for the goal report. Last week went pretty well, though HPC revisions are still moving slower than I’d like. I did finish Ch. 2, and moved into Ch. 3, so I’m definitely making progress. I met my other writing goals, so that was good. I’m getting back to work on some other projects too this week, but they’ll slip into times when I can’t work on HPC for whatever reason. I’m working an extra half-hour into my writing schedule every night to move the HPC revisions along (hopefully).

I did okay on the personal goals – settled my blog schedule and reorganized how/when I write posts. I repotted plants, worked out, but didn’t quite catch up on laundry or manage to reply to my comments the same day. My blog host was trying to fix the email replies function for me, and couldn’t…so I’ll figure out a work around this week.

Weekly Goals


– Finish Ch. 3 revisions to HPC
– Mark up Tempest ms for editing
– 250 words for Hearts on Trial whenever I can take my breaks at work.
– Ch. 16 of Indelibly Inked


– Reply to blog comments daily
– Answer interview questions for May blog interview
– Write questions for guest bloggers
– Workout/laundry
– More cleanup work in the yard
– Start Cemetery Dance by Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child (hubby just finished it, my turn!)

That’s what’s going on around here this week. Whew! Here’s to a happy, productive week.

What’s going on in your world? Any posts we should look for? Good books you’ve read lately?

10 comments on “Weekly News & Goals

  1. Shannon O'Donnell

    I just finished FALLEN by Lauren Kate – loved it! I can’t wait for TORMENT. 🙂

  2. Dolly

    Great goals, and looking forward to “Everyday Romance” series. What a wonderful idea!!

    My monday is going rather slow. Far too tired to do much, but eventually hope to get today’s editing done.

  3. Sherrinda

    Great goals, girl! Excellent!

    I’m wanting to box up stuff in my house! Get rid of stuff! I’m feeling so cluttered these days! lol

  4. Carol

    It’s always great to get stuff accomplished, isn’t it? Good for you for getting so much done last week!

    I’m actually trying to get some reading in this week, starting with Master of Fire, by Angela Knight. 😉

    As for the rest of the week, I hope I’m able to scare up a little more ambition than I’ve had today!

  5. Cindy R. Wilson

    I like the sound of your new Wednesday post topic. I’ll definitely be back to check that out!

  6. Jamie D

    I haven’t heard of either of those – will look ’em up. Thanks for the recommendations! 

    Have a great week…

  7. Jamie D.

    Thanks Dolly. I think it will be really fun and sweet. I hope your
    Monday picked up and the editing got done. I’ve been behind all day…there’s
    always Tuesday though, right?

  8. Jamie D.

    Thanks Sherrinda! Sounds like it’s about time for spring cleaning
    at your house… I’m starting to get the bug here too.

  9. Jamie D

    Quick Blogcast: New Comment on Weekly News & Goals at The Variety Pages

    Thanks Carol. 🙂 Ambition is something I’m sorely lacking in today, but I’m sure it will pick up tomorrow. I think.
    Enjoy the Knight book – I haven’t heard of that one either, but I’ll look it up. You know, ’cause my TBR pile isn’t big enough already. 😉
  10. Jamie D.

    Quick Blogcast: New Comment on Weekly News & Goals at The Variety Pages

    Hey Cindy – glad to see you back in the blogosphere! I hope you enjoy the new series…