Weekly News & Goals 8/23/10

Is it really the last week of August (well, minus 2 days)? Crazy how the summer flew right by…

If you didn’t see yesterday’s newsletter, you can check it out here. There’s information on the Tempest updates there, as well as a lengthy excerpt from Desert Heat, for those interested. Other than that, things are relatively quiet around here, and getting back to normal. I even have another fun Author Interview lined up on Thursday with the fabulous Cari Quinn, whose latest release is Ex Appeal (a really great read, in my opinion – as are all Cari’s works). Don’t miss it!

For those of you who ordered a signed copy of Tempest – I just checked and the order should ship out today. So with any luck, I’ll have copies to mail out by the end of the week. Yay! I can’t wait for you to see this gorgeous cover in person.

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Wednesday: Everyday Romance – Trust & Love

Thursday: Author Interview – Cari Quinn

Friday: Chapter 34 of Indelibly Inked

This Week at Beyond the Words

Thursday: Publishing Options Structured as Higher Education.

Goal Reports

Last week was all about getting back into the swing of things, and aside from a few glitches, I feel like I’m all caught up again with writing, and a lot closer with other stuff. My house actually got vacuumed for the first time in several weeks (I probably shouldn’t admit that, but I can’t be the only one), and my husband seems very happy with the fact that Halloween planning is finally on my radar again (we usually start far earlier). I didn’t get much new writing done, as I had to catch up with the serials, but I’m good now and envision much progress for this next week.

Goals for the Week


  • Finish another chapter of Her Private Chef

  • Start Ch. 4 of The Biker’s Wench

  • Ch. 34 of Indelibly Inked

  • Plan/play around with a couple secret projects

  • Send out Tempest copies when my order gets here


  • Eat right & workout (note, top of the list!)

  • Stay caught up on laundry

  • Keep my Goodreads list up to date

  • More party planning/prep.

I’ll call that good for the week – what are you up to? Read any good books lately?

6 comments on “Weekly News & Goals 8/23/10

  1. Jennifer Shirk

    I hope to do little things this week with marketing–maybe a little plotting too.
    I just read a good HR: Melissa McClone’s Wedding Date with the Best Man

  2. Jamie DeBree

    Ooo…sounds like a fun week, Jennifer! I love plotting, and I find marketing fun too when I have the time.

    Thanks for the book rec – love HR, so will definitely look that up. 🙂

  3. Carol

    It’s always nice to get back on track, isn’t it?

    My week will consist of trying to ignore the questionable beginning of my current WIP while spackling its plot holes (some of which need both drywall and spackle).

    I read Dead Until Dark by Charlene Harris last week and I’m about three quarters of the way through the sequel, Living Dead in Dallas.

  4. Jamie DeBree

    Yes. Monday’s trying to kick my butt, but otherwise, I’m happy to be back on track for the most part. 😉

    Good luck with your WIP – hate all that construction, but it will be *beautiful* when you’re done with it…

    I’ve heard such great things about Charlene Harris, and yet, can’t bring myself to read her. The whole first person thing, you know. *sigh*

  5. Michelle Davidson Argyle

    Yay for goals and reaching them! And I can’t wait to get my copy of your book! Did you get Cinders yet?

  6. Jamie DeBree

    Not yet…but it could be waiting at home. 😉 I’ll let you know – can’t wait!

    Tempest has shipped, so hopefully I’ll have those soon too…