Weekly News & Goals 8/9/10

Hey, did you notice today’s date is consecutive numbers? Fun stuff for a Monday…

The big news this week is that the paperback of Tempest is now available for pre-order . Payment is through Paypal (shouldn’t need an account – let me know if it says otherwise), and the pre-orders will be for a print copy (signed or unsigned) plus a free digital copy. I was going to wait to mail out coupon codes for the digital download until next Monday, but decided that if you’re going to pre-order the print knowing it will be a few weeks until you get it, the least I can do is get your digital copy to you early. So when you pre-order the paperback, I’ll email you a coupon code for a free digital download.

The paperback plus free ebook is $6.99 plus shipping ($1.50 each for domestic orders, $3.00 for international). The ebook is $1.99.

As far as the timeline for the paperback – it all depends on what I hear today from CreateSpace. They should let me know whether my files are approved for printing or not by this afternoon, and if they are, I’ll order a proof copy to check out (if they aren’t, I’ll need to fix whatever’s wrong and get approval). As soon as I okay the proof, I’ll place a larger order, and okay the book for sale on Amazon. Then it just kind of depends on how fast they list it and get my copies to me.

Review copies of Tempest are now available – I’ll give out a free ebook to the first 20 people willing to give an honest review on a blog, Amazon, Goodreads…where ever you’d like. Email me or comment below if you’re interested.

In unrelated news, if you didn’t hear this weekend, I’ve switched to a blog format for Variety News . You can sign up to receive the bi-weekly newsletter in your email or your blog reader, and doing it this way means far less stress for me. I’ll have subscription links up for that on this blog and my main web site soon.

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Goal Reports

Wait, what was I doing last week? Right…I was going to get caught up. That didn’t exactly happen. Getting a book all spiffied up for release isn’t really hard, but it is very time-consuming. I didn’t even get the floors vacuumed like I was going to. Must do that this week…

Weekly Goals


  • Finish converting Tempest into a zillion formats and uploading to various sites for sale.

  • Finish Ch. 3 of The Biker’s Wench (finally)

  • Delve back into the HPC rewrite (with enthusiasm!)


  • Vacuum

  • Do a review I had planned to do weeks ago.

  • Reopen the Scaryview blog

  • Decide what to do for Halloween party invitations this year

That’s my story – what’s up with you this week? Anything fun and exciting?

One comment on “Weekly News & Goals 8/9/10

  1. Dolly

    Good luck with the goals.

    Halloween? Already? LOL ..though mind you, your decorations are so fantastic, no doubt they take ages. Looking forward to seeing the pics.