Weekly News & Goals 9/6/10

Happy Labor Day!

First off, if you’re a young adult reader/writer, head on over to the Amazon discussion forums for an author reading and chat with LK Gardner-Griffie , author of the Misfit McCabe books. She’ll be hanging out there all day to chat and I’m sure she’d love it if you stopped in to say hi!

The big news around here this week is, of course, that The Biker’s Wench is restarting as the new blog serial this week, and in order to finish by my deadline next spring, I’ll be posting two installments (800 – 1k words each) per week, one each on Tuesday and Friday. I’ll start at the beginning per popular vote, so chapter 1 starts tomorrow. I hope you’ll join me.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but if not, I’ve taken my documents off Scribd – you can read more about it in the newsletter .

This Week on The Variety Pages

Tuesday: The Biker’s Wench, ch. 1

Wednesday: Everyday Romance – Stupid Decisions

Friday: The Biker’s Wench, ch. 2

Over at Beyond the Words

Self-publishing: Formatting for Print

Goal Reports

The arrival of my Kindle last week and my subsequent need to play with the new gadget had a somewhat derailing effect on my writing. Add to that much stress at work, and very little actual progress was made. But I did get some work done on TBW, and I started revisions for Desert Heat, as well as finishing out the blog serial in a more or less acceptable sort of way. I also revamped my writing schedule, and I’m looking forward to writing Monday – Saturday now, and taking Sunday’s off for blog posts. I think that will work better for me at this point.

Personal goals fared okay as well – I started taking the stairs again at work, got to work on Halloween stuff and even managed to squeeze some reading in. Not bad for as disorganized as I was last week.

Goals for the Week


  • Work on DH revisions throughout the week.

  • Finish ch. 4 of TBW

  • Work on pen name project


  • Workout 3 days (plus stairs at work)

  • Create a prototype party invitation (Halloween)

  • Order Halloween costume

  • Catch-up/keep-up with laundry

  • Finish reading Cinders (excellent read, seriously), start A Reaper’s Tale

That’s my plan for the week – what’s yours? Read any good books lately?

4 comments on “Weekly News & Goals 9/6/10

  1. Carol

    Ha! I knew that Kindle would be a distraction. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who got derailed last week. :-p

    A Reaper’s Tale is awesome – I think you’ll really enjoy it.

  2. Brooklyn Ann

    I envy your organization. I’m working on keeping the house in order and preparing the children for going back to school tomorrow. And hopefully I’ll get some writing done.

  3. Jamie D.

    LOL Carol. 😉

    Just started A Reaper’s Tale today – so good!

    Good luck with all that, Brooklyn…sounds like you have your hands more than full!

  4. Rhaina

    Yay, for A Reaper’s Tale. I know you will love it.
    Geez, you’re way more organized than me. But it’s a good thing!