Weekly News, Goals & Archive 8/15/11

I was talking to my hair stylist this
weekend, and she said her kids start school in less than two weeks.
There was football on TV – football! All the signs of fall are
coming on, and I feel a little cheated that we didn’t have more of
a summer here. It wouldn’t be so bad, except we didn’t have a
spring either – and the old-timers are predicting a long, cold
winter. We still have several yard projects we’re hoping to get
done before the weather turns. If it would just wait a couple more

On the upside, snow on the ground means
the weeds will die. And no yardwork. And staying home more, avoiding
the cold. Cozy.

I finally fixed the formatting for The
Biker’s Wench, so it’s now available on Smashwords, and should be
available on Sony, Kobo, Apple and Diesel within the next couple of
weeks. Sorry for the delay!

And for anyone reading my erotica
shorts, The Mechanic is now available online. PDF copies are
available through Brazen Snake Books, or you can scroll down for
links to the store of your choosing. I’ll be adding the
Amazon/Barnes & Noble links tonight.

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Monday: Weekly News, Goals, &
Archives 8/15/11

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to catch up, here’s the link list. Note that this includes *all* of
my posts, including for my pen name genres and non-writing blogs, so
click at your own risk.

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Goal Reports

Last week was very productive, I’m
pleased to report. All my serial chapters got done and posted, the
novelette got edited and published, and I got the web sites all
updated (though now I need to updated the BSB site again for the new
release). We got the yard more or less cleaned up just in time for
the guys to start siding our house, and now they’re cruisin’
right along on the project. Our house is currently a lovely
techno-shade of silver foam insulation that still looks better than
the peeling paint did.

The rest of it kind of got left by the
wayside, so here’s to continuing productivity this week, eh?

Goals for the Week


  • 5 serial scenes, on time (no
    slacking due to gaming…ahem)

  • Read through of TWC & plan


  • Send TBW out for reviews

  • Catch up bookkeeping

  • Re-think short story blog project

  • Write up submissions guidelines


  • 3 workouts

  • Schedule weekly housecleaning

  • Start cleaning out vacated
    aquariums for donation (if siding guys finish)

  • Hit our county fair for a night to
    wander the exhibits & eat fair food

  • Dentist appt. on Thurs (wherein
    he’ll tell me how rich he’s going to get off my super-bad teeth)

And that’s plenty for me this week.
Hopefully most of it will be managable.

What are you up to this week? Big
plans before fall hits again?

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