Weekly News, Goals & Archive 8/29/11

Summer has finally kicked into high gear around here…I just hope the weather holds out another month or so to allow us to finish our “warm weather” projects before the snow flies. I have to admit, I’m looking forward to the cold so there’s not as much to do, but it’s pretty exciting getting new siding (nearly done!), a new fence (hopefully next month), new carpet (definitely next month), and a new front door. Probably more exciting since we’re not doing the work ourselves.

Of course fall is encroaching too…which means our annual Halloween party will be here in 54 days, and we need invitations & a plan for that very soon. Never a dull moment, I tell ya.

Oh, and I’ve decided to start a new organizing blog – Routinely Yours. I need to revamp some of the routines that don’t work for me any longer, and do some reorganizing, and since I’m constantly being asked how I manage to get so much done, I’ve decided to share the whole process. Posts will be every Saturday. Feel free to join me…

If that isn’t enough – this Thursday (Sept. 1) Rattles Flash Fiction will be officially open for submissions. This is a joint effort between myself and Heidi Sutherlin, and we’re hoping to get some good participation. There will be a monthly writing prompt for flash fiction stories of 800-1000 words, and submissions will be accepted for an anthology to be published by Brazen Snake Books at the end of the month. This will be a paying market for writers – so if you’re interested in writing themed flash fiction and getting a little $$ in return, I hope you’ll check it out.

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Goal Reports

I made some progress last week, and managed to get all of my serial chapters done. I’ve been chipping away at the other things on my list, but deciding to go ahead with the flash fiction project kind of derailed the other stuff last week. But the set-up part of any project takes the most time, so this week should be more productive, I think.

Goals for the Week


  • 5 serial chapters (finish the short story in progress?)

  • 1 chapter revised for TWC

  • Start my flash fiction for Rattles


  • Reply to emails

  • Submit TBW for review

  • Open the Rattles site & call for subs.

  • Catch up bookkeeping (this really is going to happen one of these days…)

  • Update web sites


  • Start revamping morning & evening routines

  • Reply to correspondence I’ve been falling down on

  • Renew car registration (oops!)

  • Schedule carpet installation for my vacation week next month

  • Workout three times

That’s the plan for this week – lots to do, but I’m pretty optimistic, overall. And the siding guys should be done sometime this week too, which will be a huge project crossed off the list. Yay for progress! What’s one thing you’ve completed or made progress on in the last week?

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