Weekly News, Goals & Archives – 8/8/11

Starting the week with new cover art
just can’t ever be wrong, right? I give you, The Wise Critique,
coming to print and digital shelves September 16, 2011.

Thanks again to my cover artist and
fellow author, Heidi Sutherlin of Creative Pursuits! This book has a
long and sort of sordid history, which I’ll talk more about when I
release it. Suffice it to say, this is the book that showed me I
wasn’t really cut out to write for Harlequin, and also showed me
what I was supposed to be writing. I think it’s a fun book,
and I hope you will too. More later as I dig into final revisions &
editing this month.

Last week was a good one, I think. Lots
going on, but I managed to keep up fairly well, I think. This week,
it’s business as usual around here.

This Week on The Variety Pages

Weekly News, Goals, & Archives 8/8/11
Writing Notes:
Deliberate Practice
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Minister’s Maid
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Tuesday: New
design at NailArt

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the Words

Saturday: Tea
post at Tea onTap

If you missed a post last week and want
to catch up, here’s the link list. Note that this includes *all* of
my posts, including for my pen name genres and non-writing blogs, so
click at your own risk.

Posts for August 1-7


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Health & Personal Wellness

CodeName: Succulent – Ending the Drought (The Variety Pages)

Goal Reports

It was a good week
for writing last week. I got all five of my serial chapters done (one
late, but done, nonetheless). I finished up the beta read and sent it
off to its owner. I didn’t get my short edited, but I looked
through the edits and there’s nothing that will be particularly
difficult, so I’ll have that done and published this week. I feel
pretty good about all of that.

The rest of
it…well, let’s just say the writing was good, and leave it at
that, ‘K?

Goals for the Week


  • 5 serial

  • Edit &
    publish short story

  • Read through
    of TWC


  • Submit TBW
    for reviews

  • Finish prep
    for flash imprint launch

  • Update web

  • Schedule some


  • Workout three

  • Finish
    cleaning up for the siding guys

  • Reply to

  • Read!

That’s what I’ve
got cookin’ this week – how’s your’s lookin’?

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One comment on “Weekly News, Goals & Archives – 8/8/11

  1. Ardee-ann Eichelmann

    Jamie, I love your comment about, enjoy this post, support your author. I do and I am glad to do so! 😉

    This week I feel like I am still stuck in a rut. Long story but I keep working to dig myself out of it. I am thinking about seeing if any Marine Reserve Units are available to come pull me out. Then I would also be surrounded by cute Marines and hopefully more inspired as well. SIGH, I can dream can’t I, even old women like cute guys with tight butts. (Oh, she is being bad for a Monday morning. Shame knows her name.)

    I should have taken advantage of the cooler weather yesterday to get outside some but I didn’t and now I am regretting it because it is already hot. That was a less than stellar move on my part…it is part and parcel of that rut I was talking about. Oh well, it will get better.

    I am catching up on reading, that is a plus so I will just brag about that and spending time doing some fun stuff so there have been some highlights. I LOVE highlights. LOL!!!

    I hope you have a great week and I will try to figure out my fanny from a hole in the ground. We will see if I succeed.