Weekly News, Goals & Prompt, April 16, 2012

Prompt o’ the Week: A
man sits in a tree as dusk turns to dark, and lights come on in the
house twenty yards from where he’s hidden. Several figures pass the
bright windows, but never the right one. Footsteps crunch in the snow
somewhere nearby…

tomorrow is tax day here in the states…which means, of course, that
like many of my fellow procrastinating Americans, I spent all weekend
catching up on my business bookkeeping and then working my way through
TurboTax. My husband, who is ten years older than me still prefers to
send out tax returns in the mail, but I took advantage of his not
feeling well and gently convinced him that e-filing would be easier for
me (because it is…no stapling forms, finding thick envelopes, affixing
postage, dropping them off…). He figures there’s no point in letting
the government have our money for any longer than necessary, and sending
a check puts it off longer. Which is true…but once you write the
check you have to consider the money gone anyways, so I don’t really see
the difference.

any case, we got enough of a refund from the state (less the $20 I had
to pay in e-filing fees…which is a total rip-off), to cover the cost
of what we owe to the feds with a teeny bit leftover. Which I consider a
win in any tax year.

made a fair amount on the book business last year (don’t get all
excited, it’s not much, but it’s way more than I made the first year,
and this year already looks better still). I’ll be doing a post on my
business blog later this week with sales numbers, income and expenses
for anyone who’s interested. These are not the numbers general to those
authors who sell a bajillion copies at .99 cents their first six months –
these are the numbers of an author trying to build a slow and steady
business, rather than worrying about sending books to the top of a list
(Would they make it? I have no idea, since I don’t put any effort in at
all.). I still took a loss after all was said and done, mainly due to
the amount of cash I put into maintaining my online presence (filed
under “advertising” on tax forms), and because I tried an experiment
that failed last year that cost me a considerable sum (and it still may
be salvageable…we’ll see). It’s all good though. I won’t be quitting
my day job anytime soon, but I never really expected to either. I’m
content with the way things are at the moment.

In book news, I’ll have a new cover for The Biker’s Wench
to reveal later this week. I think it captures the tone of the story a
bit better than the current cover, and I’m excited to show it off. I’ll
be using that same cover style to create a new design for The Minister’s Maid
as well, and all the future stories in that series. I’m working on some
new blurbs for these books too, and as per review feedback on nearly
all of my romantic suspense books, I’ll be adding a warning to the blurb
that the books are rated “R”. Hopefully this will help ease readers’
minds about kids stumbling onto something they shouldn’t.

my current serial stories are finally starting to come together again
as I work my way gingerly through the Valley of the Dark Middle on all
of them. Of course now I have a few messes to clean up, and I’m not
really sure how I’m going to manage that since I didn’t exactly see them
coming. But hey, that’s what I do. I’m pretty comfortable with the
process at this point. 

What’s on tap this week? Hmm…let’s see…

– Serial installments written and posted *on time*
– One extra scene written on one of the serial stories
– Finish the cover art/new blurb for TBW and get it posted/replaced everywhere
– Mock up the concept cover for TMM, write blurb
– Update JamieDeBree.com and this blog
– Start revisions on Indelibly Inked, a novella (novel? We’ll see what happens in revision…) I plan to release early this summer.

Oh yeah. It’s gonna be a fun week, methinks.

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