Weekly News, Goals & Prompt – April 30, 2012

Prompt o’ the Week: A breeze rattles a chandelier in a junk shop, sending the crystal
baubles tinkling against each other as the door swings open. The woman
behind the counter slips off her thick-rimmed reading glasses and looks
up with a friendly smile. Her eyes grow wide and the smile fades as she
recognizes her visitor…

I know, I know…entirely too chipper
for a Monday morning, but optimism is a state of mind, right? I hope
your weekend was relaxing, productive or both. Mine wasn’t nearly as
productive as it should have been, but I did get some necessary clothes
shopping done (yuck!) and managed to squeeze in some crochet time while I
was at it. So it was a good weekend, although too short, as usual.
really don’t pay much attention to blog stats at all (I post as much
for myself as much as for you, dear readers), so I was a little amazed
when on a whim this weekend I decided to look at how much traffic this
blog gets in a day. Wow. I had no idea that there are between 400 and
900 visitors here every day of the week (according to my analytics,
anyway)…to say I’m flattered would be an understatement. I had no idea
so many of you were lurking out there, but thank you for reading…I
appreciate your company. While I might not always have time to respond
to comments, please know that you’re welcome to use them or not as you
see fit. I suspect many of you are just as busy as I am, and prefer to
just read and move on, and that’s just fine too. I’m just happy you
dropped in.
In any case, the reason I
decided to look at my stats was that I’m toying with how I want to redo
the layout – header & sidebars, mainly, and also whether or not I
wanted to add a post or two to the line-up. I hope to work on that later
this week (assuming I can get my writing done *on time*), so you may
see some changes around here as early as Friday night. All the current
posts/topics/serials will remain the same, and I’ll be adding one post
starting this weekend titled Writer at Play. It will be a
Saturday feature wherein I share what this particular writer does when
not writing (or working). There will be a wide range of topics covered,
including crafts, “field trips”, TV/Movies, research findings – whatever
I happened to do the week before that I find interesting enough to
I think I’ll reinstate the Weekly Round-Up
post as well…that one will go up on Sundays, and recap the week in my
blogging world – including my serial stories, as well as posts I found
interesting on other blogs. Aside from putting everything in a nice,
easy-to-reference format, it’s also a good way to keep myself organized.
I’ve been slacking off in that department rather badly lately. It’s
laziness, more than anything else – and I need to knock it off.
that’s the plan…if you have requests or suggestions for the blog or
posts, feel free to make ’em, though I can’t guarantee anything. And of
course Tuesdays and Thursdays are still open for guest bloggers, so if
you want a spot, email me and I’ll schedule you.
Other than that – here’s what’s on my to-do list this week:
– Get the serial chapters done and scheduled *early*!
– Update web sites/layouts (including blogs)
– Get back into a regular writing rhythm at night (I’ve been “off” lately with a sick hubby…so I need to regroup)
– Newsletters
– Restart the BSB blog
– Research digital cameras online
– Get some housework done *sigh*

Lovingly pet my new complete series of Dr. Quinn DVD’s when they get
here, and then put them away until Saturday night. No peeking until the
weekly writing work is all done! Same with the polymer clay book I have
on order…
You’ll all be surprised to know I have another
dentist appt. on Thursday – just a cleaning this time, but annoying,
nonetheless. I’ll have to schedule more actual dental work then too.

So that’s my plan, and my week. Here’s to spring cleaning and new focus, eh?

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