Weekly News, Goals & Prompt, April 9, 2012

Prompt o’ the Week: A woman stands on the deck of a ferry, having been asked to meet an old
friend on a nearby island. She reflects that it’s strange she’s the only
one aboard just after work, and as she walks to the other rail, she
sees another similar ferry loaded with people going the same direction.
She feels a touch on her shoulder, making her pulse jump…

Monday again…everyone have a good holiday weekend (if you celebrate)?
We did the family thing, and poor Lucy-dog was ill for most of the weekend,
so it was long and I didn’t get nearly as much done as I should have.
You know things are bad when I procrastinate on bookkeeping and taxes by
cleaning house…
We did watch two movies though, both excellent, IMO: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (US version) and Real Steel
(um, Hugh Jackman, anyone?). I’ve seen the dubbed version of GDT, but
didn’t like it nearly as well – the US version does a much better job of
filling in important plot details for those of us who haven’t read the
books. And I really want a boxing robot now…
taking Tuesday off the day job this week for a hair cut in the morning,
and a dental cleaning and root canal in the afternoon. Fun, no? I am
heartily sick of my teeth, I tell you what. But sometimes there’s no
overcoming genetics, and I do like to eat.
I’m interested to see what happens tonight when I sit down to write tomorrow’s chapter of The Minister’s Maid.
There’s something very bad that needs to happen, and I’m not sure
whether I can actually go all the way with it or not. I mean, this is
the very worst thing that could happen, and it will take the story to a
whole ‘nuther level, but still, it’s a hard direction to take, even for
someone who routinely knocks her characters down.
been thinking a lot about my romantic suspense stories lately, and why
they don’t sell as well as my erotica. The only thing I can come up with
is the emotional/psychological elements aren’t as strong or central in
the romantic suspense – and I think I can fix that, though I’m not sure I
want to. Right now, the books seem to appeal to men and women equally. I
don’t really want to make them so “romance-ish” that men no longer
enjoy them. So we’ll see. TMM will be an experiment. 
What do I need to get done this week? Here’s the list:
– Serial scenes, plus one extra scene
– Newsletters
– Bookkeeping
– Taxes
And we’ll just leave it at that, since those are my top priorities until they’re done.

Here’s hoping the sun stays out this week…and that I can manage to get over myself and get all that paperwork done…

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One comment on “Weekly News, Goals & Prompt, April 9, 2012

  1. Dolly

    Ah the teeth and genetics! Tell me about it!

    Good luck with this week’s goals. I’m missing my fiction side of stuff, but once this blog launches then I should be able to ease back into it. Hopefully.

    Hope you work out what you want to do with TMM. Sometimes that uncomfortable step is necessary to take the story to where it needs to go.