Weekly News, Goals & Prompt – August 20, 2012

Prompt o’ the Week: It’s cold and snowy as a
woman sits down at the base of a tree, not really sure where she is. She
walked out of the holiday dinner when her boyfriend decided to break up
with her and now she wasn’t really sure where she’d been going – or how
to get back. Bushes rustled to her left, and she jumped…

Alrighty then. Everyone up? Bright? Ready to Shine?

Yeah, me neither (sure, I’m writing this the night before, but I’m
confident about that), and “morning people” completely mystify me. I
suspect I mystify them too – by the time you read this, I’ll have gotten
up far too early for a mandatory staff meeting at the day job half an
hour earlier than my normal start time (which means my alarm went off at
5:45am instead of 6am, which is bad enough). The morning people on our
staff will be perky and ready to face the day. And they’ll look at me in
shock and awe, either from amazement that I’m actually at work that
early, or fear/amusement at my bleary-eyed, zombie-like state (or both).
Then they’ll ask me to do things that no respectable night person can
perform mistake-free before 10am, and I’ll have to muddle through and
pretend that I’m not longing for my cozy mattress with every fiber of my

If any of those morning people were awake past 10pm, the tables
would be turned. Then *I* would be the perky, ready-to-go person (okay,
I’m hardly ever “perky” under any circumstance, but just go with it,
okay?), and they’d be the bleary-eyed zombies. And then when I told them
everything I normally get done between 10:30pm and 1:30am, they’d look
at me like I was absolutely nuts, and they could experience first-hand
exactly how I feel when they hit me with a barrage of tasks to complete
before 10am.

Aw…dreams of retribution. Unfortunately, I rarely see or speak to
a morning person past 10pm at night. Pity, really. Ironically, I just
miss them on the weekends when I’m up doing my nails until 4am…


Last week was productive, though not so much as I’d have liked. 
So, tossing that list out the window, here’s what I need to get done
this week:

– Four serial scenes
– One extra scene
– Edit requests for the anthology stories
– Print formatting for RMSM
– Cover art for one serial story (seriously!)

If I get all that done, I’ll call it good, though there’s a bunch
more I’d *like* to do. One must pace themselves though, which is
something I’m not terribly good at.

Here’s to another productive, fiction-filled week, eh?

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One comment on “Weekly News, Goals & Prompt – August 20, 2012

  1. Ardee-ann

    Oh Jamie, I could feel your pain at having to get up early for a staff meeting and dealing with perky morning people. ARGH!!!! I hope that you survived it all with flying colors. How do you power through your day, coffee or tea?

    I know that you will meet your goals this week. You are determined that way. In the meantime, I will be watching for your serial chapters to arrive. I am a little behind on reading. You are far better at writing than I am at reading. I need to get back up to speed.

    Have a great week!