Weekly News, Goals & Prompt – August 6, 2012

Prompt o’ the Week: It’s new year’s eve, and man is searching for a blind date he agreed to on a whim. He regrets the decision, but is determined to follow through, if he can just find the girl in the crowds. Finally, he sees the clothing she said she’d wear, but when she turns around so he can see her face, he knows he should have trusted his first instinct to refuse…

If you missed it this weekend, I’ve finally chosen a new title and created the final cover for “the story formerly known as Falling in Public”. The story is now titled “Rock Me, Stalk Me”, and will be released later this month after it goes through the editing process. Here’s the new cover – I’m quite pleased with how it came out: 

Last week, I decided to switch up the blog schedules a bit. Or a lot, actually. And I have just a few more changes for this week, but I should be set for awhile after that. More or less. I’ve been lazy lately, and honestly, I get more done when I have more to do. So while it may seem that I’m taking on a huge mountain of new tasks, I think it will boost my productivity in the long run. Sometimes I just end up overwhelming myself, but not normally without outside interference (and I had plenty of that last year with day job issues). This year, I’m fairly certain I’m “safe” taking on a few more things this fall, as my personal schedule is clearer than normal and the day job is on an even keel for the most part. 

In any case, you can read about the first of the blog changes in this post. The rest only affect this particular blog in one very simple way – Tuesdays will now be a “repost” day. But the posts will be from one of my non-writing blogs, to provide a little more variety and insight into my hobbies and interests outside of writing. I’ll pick a blog and post at random to repost every week…it could be a nail art tutorial, a food or health discussion, a tea review, an organizational/household management tip or perhaps a post from my hobby blog (currently being reset to include not just collections, but also crafts as well). I won’t be posting on all of those blogs every week, so it just kind of depends on what I happen to be focused on at any given point in time. 
And I think that’s it for administrative stuff. Last week I easily got all of my serial chapters done (writing at the very start of a draft is always the easiest for me), I finished and emailed back the beta read I was working on, and I even got a scene started for a Christmas short story. Actually, I think I finished off all of my goals last week…except subbing my books to review sites. I did get Goodreads contests started for the two latest books though, which reminds me…
If you want to sign up to win a copy of The Minister’s Maid, do it here.
If you want to sign up to win a copy of Indelibly Inked, do it here.

The contests are open for a month, so plenty of time.

So for this week, more of the same: 
– Four serial scenes plus notes
– One scene for the Christmas story
– Add laundry back to my weeknight routine
– Sub new books to review sites
– Design one book cover (out of four left to do)
– Write and send out one newsletter
And that’s it. I have a whole list of things that need to be done…preferably yesterday, but I’ve decided to just take it easy and do one thing at a time. Odds are good that no one else even notices the things that *aren’t* done, so there’s really no need for me to stress myself getting things done earlier. A nice easy pace will work just as well. 
Here’s to a great week for us all, and a hearty “salut!” to air conditioning…

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