Weekly News, Goals & Prompt – July 2, 2012

Prompt o’ the Week: Three middle aged women
are out shopping, and stop in a pet store to look at the animals. Two
are in relationships, and they dare the single one to kiss a frog and
see what happens. The store won’t allow her to kiss the frog without
buying it, so her friends give her the frog as a gift…

to July, eh? Looking back on June, it was definitely the oddest month
this year so far. Weird weather, new truck, a real vacation booked out
of state, fender bender resulting in the need for a new car, and three
new books out all adds up to non-stop thrills, that’s for sure. There
are so many story ideas in that mess I don’t even know where to start,
which is why it’s good that I already have this year’s publishing
line-up set. Next year is still open, however…

of ideas and stories, the latest anthology from Brazen Snake Books is
now open for submissions. You can read the details/check out the cover
over at the Snake Bites blog. So many options for that photo…I think
it’s going to be a very good collection of stories.
Let’s see…what else? Last week was busy, but closer to normal. I finished the draft of The Minister’s Maid
(yay!), and sent that off to my editor, so another draft done. I did
get caught up on my other serial chapters, but I didn’t get my new
stories started. But that’s on tap for this week, for sure. I’m pretty
excited about that! I didn’t get the print formatting done for Indelibly
Inked, but that’s on this week’s list as well. 
We also ended up buying a new car to replace
our poor totaled Subaru…another Subaru Outback, of course. It’s the
first brand new car either of us has ever owned, and it’s weird seeing
the odometer at “67” or whatever it is this morning. So that took up a
chunk of time, and I did get mostly caught up with the housework I’ve
been neglecting badly for the last three weeks while I got those books
ready to publish. There’s still some cleaning/organizing that needs to
be done, but it’s about ten times better than it was, so much better.
Now if I could just think up some cool personalized plate ideas for our new vehicles…
What’s on the agenda for this week? Lemme see:
– Newsletters!
– Finish up the draft of Animal
– Start two new drafts
– Print formatting/cover for Indelibly Inked
– Order one of the new “Green bins” for recycling yard waste from the city
– Survive the holiday intact, with as little stress as possible
– Update web site graphics
– Start cover re-design for Desert Heat
– Bookkeeping
That’s it for me…lots of writing, which makes me happy.

Here’s to a good mid-summer’s week for us all…

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