Weekly News, Goals & Prompt – July 23, 2012

Prompt o’ the Week:
A man is helping his family run the annual Christmas tree lot, but he’s
not feeling very jolly. When an angry but resigned woman and her dog
come in to find a tree, she baits him into an argument…

Another week begins – quite optimistically, in my neck of the woods anyways. If you haven’t heard, The Minister’s Maid is now available for purchase pretty much everywhere online – you can find links to the major retailers in the official press release on the Snake Bites blog. To those who have already purchased a copy, thank you! 
managed to get caught up on pretty much all of my writing projects last
week – finished the ones that needed finishing, planned and plotted the
next ones to start. After that, I took a couple days off from writing,
just to clear my head and “reset” the brain for the new stories I’ll
start this week. Now I’m ready to get back to work…so lots of writing
ahead. And did you see this week’s story prompt (um, look up)? Another
Christmas one, and another one I want to write. There aren’t enough
hours in the day, I tell ya…
While I’ve been
finishing up stories and editing and such, I’ve neglected a lot of
little details like updating my web site, getting print books out, cover
art that needs to be done and redone…so this week is the week for
getting all of those things caught up. Or that’s the plan, anyways. 
My “to-do’s” this week” 
– 4 serial scenes
– 1 scene for a separate short story
– Update web sites
– Print formatting/uploading for two books
– New title and cover art for the latest draft
– Beta read for a writer friend
think that’s it for now…short, sweet and to the point this week.
We’ll just say I’m conserving words for the new stories, eh? 
Until next time, happy reading! 

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