Weekly News, Goals & Prompt – July 30, 2012

Prompt o’ the Week: A
local baker has several dozen Christmas cookies to deliver for a
Christmas eve party, and with only two hours to the deadline, something
horrible happens. The baker is ruined, the party host is angry and it
doesn’t seem like there’s any way to salvage Christmas….

here we go, catapulted into another busy week. Are you watching the
Olympics? I always forget how riveting they are until they show up on
the screen…and then I get sucked in. I hadn’t planned to watch much at
all aside from swimming (my husband was a swim coach for 12 years, and
he actually made the Olympic trials when he was swimming way back when).
But over the course of the weekend, I found myself pulled into the
gymnastics as well – I have no idea how those athletes do what they do.

week I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I’d hoped to – I did get the
serial scenes done, and I managed to get the last two books I published
formatted and ready for print, but not much else. Indelibly Inked and The Minister’s Maid should be available in print tomorrow at the BSB store,
and everywhere else about a week after that, for those of you who
prefer paper. I’ll be listing a few giveaways at Goodreads as soon as
those are ready too. 

Speaking of The Minister’s Maid…today’s
the last day to get it for the introductory price of 99 cents. It’s
going up to regular price of $2.99 as of tonight, so if you want it,
now’s the time…

see…oh right. I did get 3/4 of the way done with the beta read I’m
doing…awesome book, as I knew it would be. And I picked a new title
for Falling in Public, as well as figured out what sort of cover art I
want for it. And the new title is…

Rock Me, Stalk Me

isn’t it? I’ve only got one cover art image picked out so far, but I
know what I want for the rest of it, so it’s just a matter of hunting
them down and putting it all together. There’s still a few weeks until
the release date, so plenty of time to get all that done. 
guess that I actually did get most of last week’s list done…barring
the web site updates and the chapter for the first Christmas story. Not
as bad as I thought, really. 
Alrighty then…so down to this week’s “to-dos”, eh? 
– Four serial scenes
– 1 scene for a Christmas story
– Finish cover art for RM,SM
– Pick out images for one other cover
– Two reviews as promised (and maybe a few others, considering the amount of books I’ve been reading lately)
– Submit my own books to a few review sites
– Finish & return beta read
that’s it. That’s plenty, I think…I’d like to get my web sites
updated, but they may just have to wait a little while longer. 
Here’s wishing you a very happy, productive, and warm-but-not-too-warm week, where ever you are! 

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